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Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry after quarantine

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The title of 15th Mr. Olympia confirms that in recent years Brandon Curry has raised his physique to a new level. Now, when he returns to the gym after a break, fans are wondering what he looks like today. When Curry won Olympia in 2019, it came as a shock to many. He always made promises that everyone usually expects from an elite bodybuilder, but, nevertheless, when he went on stage, he showed that he was undeniably one of the best in the world at the moment. Although there were such athletes as Hadi Chupan and Dexter Jackson, who, according to some, also had a chance of winning. Like most now, Brandon Curry was unable to train properly due to quarantine. However, when he returned to training in the gym, he shared the current form of his current physique on Instagram. The picture shows that he didn’t relax when he was outside the sports club: “Today I brought my daughter to the gym because she wanted to take a picture. And she did a good job. This is not edited, and she did not have special lighting or flash.” Although Brandon is far not ready to enter the competition scene, but Curry showed that he would definitely get better. You can verify this by looking at the video as it looks while performing exercises.
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