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Motivation in sport: the best ways to prepare for the first training session

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Motivation in sport: the best ways to prepare for the first training session

The contents

  • Why do I need to force myself to train
  • The types of motivation in sport
  • How to prepare for your first fitness training session
  • How to increase motivation in sport and to prevent its decline

Regular exercise is the best way to get in shape, to improve the terrain of the body and health. However, not many make sport a lifestyle, regularly practicing selected exercises. Or starting to train, quickly lose interest in studies and return to their previous, sedentary lifestyle. This is explained by various reasons: the total lack of time, fatigue, severe muscle pain, etc. However, most often behind all these excuses is just laziness and unwillingness to get out of the comfort zone. To avoid this, we need an efficient motivation.

Why do I need to force myself to train

Motivation in sport is essential not only for beginners but also for professional athletes. The first to start a sports club and not to throw fitness training in 1-2 weeks. The second is to achieve new goals and reach new athletic peaks. Simply put, motivation is the means to activate the mental process that causes a person to move forward, to put before itself specific targets and execute them.

Body workout is a very difficult and time-consuming process that requires a lot of commitment and some concessions (changes in eating habits, refusal of walks with friends, watching a movie, etc.). However, without that to achieve good results fail, and therefore without motivation is not enough.

The types of motivation in sport

Tuning in to the sport, you need to understand that easy ways does not happen and it is hard work. There are different types of incentives that help people to join the training and not to curtail from the chosen way. Motivational methods can be used all at once or select only some of the most suitable. What nuances help to motivate yourself to exercise?

  • The statement of purpose.

All of it will be different — to fit into your favorite clothes smaller, to become like an idol, like the guy (girl), to improve health etc are Important to the goal as specific as possible: to lose 5 kg, to achieve a waist of 60 cm, etc.

  • The purchase of sports clothes and shoes.

Not only does it provide comfort during fitness workouts, but also help to tune in the desired fashion. Even if classes will be held at home.

  • The choice of a suitable sport.

If fitness training will bring fun, force yourself to visit them is not necessary. You may need to try several sports, but when you find someone that will really like, need motivation to it will disappear.

  • The use of greed.

To do this, buy a subscription for six months (a year) go to the fitness club, and when you see the idea to quit training, just remember about the money spent.

  • Preparation of the program of training.

It is desirable that it was very specific and clear. You need to make and print detailed table, including the days and times of training, and also a small gradual goals that will help achieve the main result. For example: “sit down 30 times”, “maintain the bar in a minute”, etc. to Choose the time for training is recommended based on individual biorhythms. This table should be hanged in a conspicuous place so that it often catches the eye.

  • Introduction to the training of other people.

This can be friends, relatives or second half. To engage in a good company always morally easier and more fun. Besides, to refuse training or to carry out of laziness will be uncomfortable, especially if you already had an agreement about a joint meeting.

  • The involvement of the Internet.

Viewing video clips and films about sporting achievements of other people, subscribe to their pages in social networks, monitoring of their photos “before” and “after” weight loss or pumping of the muscles is great motivation for the sport.

  • Participation in sports marathons.

In the same social networks, many people join the group, setting itself the same goal (e.g. weight loss) and I go to her each in their own way, actively supporting each other. This helps not only to promote sports but also activates the very contagious competitive process that allows you to achieve significant results.

  • The creation of a specific ritual.

Think of the sequence of actions prior to the training: training gear, water, play-sheet music, etc. Preparatory phase will help to overcome laziness and gear up for classes.

It is also important to reward yourself after achieving each small goal. This would indicate that a certain stage is passed, and passed successfully and this will certainly be a stimulus for the setting of new objectives.

How to prepare for your first fitness training session

So, motivational techniques and the sport is selected, the appropriate mood is created. Now you need to prepare for the first session. You might need:

  • a backpack or sport bag for carrying (storage) things;
  • sports shoes, clothes (for swimming — swimsuit or swimming trunks, Slippers, cap);
  • towel, means for showering after the training;
  • sports equipment, video tutorials (if practice will be held at home);
  • water bottle;
  • heart rate monitor or fitness tracker to measure heart rate;
  • player or phone with headphones (preferably wireless) for listening to your favorite music.

How to increase motivation in sport and to prevent its decline

To the level of motivation for the sport has not gone down, must be properly and clearly set themselves fitness goals. For example: “pump six pack abs” is a very vague task. To have progress in training and was the visible result, the incentive should be: “make 20 crunches, 15 leg raises, stand 1 min plank,” etc.

With each new training week these goals should be changed, varying the exercises, increasing the number of repetitions and approaches. This will help to prevent the decline of motivation, make training more effective, to vary the exercises.

Increasing the stimulus also contributes to the fixation of the results. Weigh yourself, measure the parameters of your body and take pictures every week. A statement of accomplishments and changes in appearance is a great way of personal inspiration, the setting of new objectives and stimulate the desire to continue to train.

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