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Motivation for fitness: means and methods

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Motivation for fitness: means and methods

The contents

  • The benefits of fitness
  • How to incorporate fitness into everyday life
  • Ways to improve slimming effect

Most of us would like to correct something in his figure, and almost everyone at least once in their life thought about going to the gym. Very often in a variety of reasons is the desire to do fitness is only in the future and to implement it, the necessary additional incentives and motivation.

The benefits of fitness

Regular fitness training in the first place should be fun, so you should pay attention to the direction of the sport, which really like and fits your lifestyle. The fact that any kind of fitness benefits of shape — certainty, but it is not only in weight reduction:

  • exercise helps strengthen the cardiovascular system, stabilize blood pressure and slow down the aging process in the body;
  • regular exercise has a positive effect on blood circulation and the saturation of oxygen to the brain, which improves cognitive function and promotes nutrition of all organs and systems;
  • through training achieved by natural weight loss, strengthening muscles, and the body becomes fit and slim;
  • fitness classes help to control the feeling of hunger, accelerate the metabolism and improve the functioning of the intestines, which subsequently helps to maintain the health and shape;
  • despite the fact that the workouts are debilitating the body, the correct distribution of load helps to increase overall energy and vitality, helps to get rid of chronic fatigue;
  • regular physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins and inhibits the release of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol and therefore help to get rid of stress, prevent depression, relieve stress and provide restful sleep;
  • initially, a good physical preparation helps in the speedy recovery of complex diseases and surgical interventions, and special therapeutic exercises used for rehabilitation after injuries of locomotor apparatus.

The realization of its goal while fitness is the most powerful motivation, because the workouts can achieve significant improvement of quality of life: to strengthen health, to get rid of some diseases, to forget about the pain in muscles and joints, to achieve weight loss or to develop muscle mass.

How to incorporate fitness into everyday life

Use the following guidelines to start fitness training for later, to get rid of laziness and extra pounds:

  • Get rid of the illusion of employment.

Studies show that the majority of people have a tendency to exaggerate their employment, deferring nonessential things, like fitness, then on. Putting his goal of regular exercise, you will easily be able to fit them into your schedule without sacrificing other things.

  • Find a partner.

Look for like-minded among your friends and relatives choose the same kind of fitness that will act as an additional stimulus to training, and you will have nice company and a common goal. Important in this case is the factor of competition, because seeing how your partner reaches new heights, you just can’t stay behind.

  • Join the group.

Classes team sport help to support internal motivation to heal, and the realization that the whole group is counting on you not allows you to relax and stimulates us for new achievements.

  • Count to ten.

Use the technique of counting from one to ten in the moments when absolutely no desire to go to the gym. Make it a habit and, having finished the account, you will definitely be to go to class.

  • Proceed gradually.

In order to ensure effective weight loss and to improve health do not have to enroll in the gym and hours in it to disappear. Enter the training process gradually, starting with simple and regular climbs the stairs.

  • Motivate yourself financially.

Buying a ticket or paying for the services of the trainer in advance, you create an additional incentive to attend training. In this case, you have double responsibility, and classes without a valid reason you miss.

  • Caffeine before exercise.

If you experience sudden feelings of fatigue and lethargy before class drink a Cup of strong coffee, which prostimulirujte your nervous system, will increase efficiency and will make the training process easier for you.

  • Keep a diary.

Make notes of how you feel about training days and rest days. Over time you will become quite obvious that fitness classes make you feel more energetic and fitter.

Ways to improve slimming effect

Training in the gym often appeal to those who want to reduce their weight and improve their figure. Fitness in this issue is one of the key points, but it can be enhanced with other modifications in their habits and lifestyle:

  • Start eating frequently and fractional.

Thus, along with exercise you will accelerate the metabolic processes in the organism, which depends on effective work of all systems of your body and speed weight loss.

  • Adjust your diet to a more healthy.

Choose organic products which have undergone the least degree of processing, reduce the consumption of sweets, flour and alcohol, and eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.

  • Get plenty of healthy sleep, the duration of which shall not be less than 7 hours.

Fitness training try to spend no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

  • Observe the drinking regime.

Every healthy person should drink 40 ml of fluid per kilogram of body weight per day. If you train regularly, then you need to drink a few more, always having a bottle of water.

  • Take your supplements.

To improve training performance and accelerate the recovery of organism useful to use protein powders, BCAAs and multivitamin complexes.

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