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Motivation for fitness exercise: rules and tips for lazy people

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Motivation for fitness exercise: rules and tips for lazy people
The contents

  • What prevents regular exercise
  • Set realistic goals
  • The timing of implementation objectives
  • The compilation of fitness programs
  • The best time to exercise.
  • Do fitness with an experienced athlete
  • Work on positive thinking
  • Create a reward system

Today’s fitness is a great variety of types and forms of physical training that allows you to keep your body toned, improves quality of life, strengthening health. For many, sports has become a habit and an integral part of everyday life.

What prevents regular exercise

There were many people who only in their own plans and dreams wants to make fitness a healthy habit without which it is impossible to imagine a full life. What’s stopping these people? In most cases, to defer visits to the gym or the treadmill makes us:

  • Laziness.

To screw up your life even with good intentions, not so easy. To start the exercise, Monday is a good enough reason to postpone the implementation of their ideas for later.

  • Uncertainty.

The man who never seriously engaged in fitness, thinks much sense in this and no, because in adulthood, of this venture nothing special can not receive.

  • Employment.

Coming home in the evening from work, I want to relax and unwind. What here the sports. Knowing that exercise in itself is healthy, the man decides that once he is less busy, be sure to go to the gym. But somehow time is not always enough.

Of course, there are many individual reasons to push back the timing of the start of regular sports activities for an indefinite time with confidence that very soon the situation will change. But time passes, and fitness program and remains in future plans.

How to get rid of illusions and force yourself to start a regular exercise program? Experienced fitness instructors suggest you follow the rules, which are described below.

Set realistic goals

Fitness classes must have a real purpose. Not just interesting and useful to spend spare time and to lose weight, increase muscle mass or make muscles relief. When the goal of training is blurred in General terms, there is always a reason to skip exercise, citing more important things to do.

The goal you need to put one, clearly choosing priorities. So, you need to work on increasing your strength or endurance, speed or muscle mass. For a beginner it is almost impossible to combine all tasks a common goal and implement it.

The timing of implementation objectives

Setting a specific goal for fitness, you need to properly navigate the timing of its achievement. So, deciding to lose 5 pounds, you need to determine how much time you plan to do it. Focusing on the deadline, it will be easier to limit the consumption of individual products, to increase the intensity of exercise and their frequency, and also reduce the time spent on the couch.

The compilation of fitness programs

The goal is set? Then you can start creating a fitness program. It should include:

  • the number of workouts per week and per month;
  • specific exercises for the solution of tasks;
  • the number of sets and reps of different exercises;
  • types of activity: aerobic or anaerobic;
  • venue of training: in the Studio, at home, on the Playground, stadium, etc.

It is difficult for newcomers to understand the rules of making a workout plan specific fitness. Therefore it is better to take the help of an instructor or an experienced athlete. The first classes actually spent on the basic exercises that will strengthen the muscular system and the body to adapt to stress. If you intensively work on problem areas. If you want to remove excess fat from stomach — download press. To put in order thighs and buttocks will allow squats, dead hands can be ordinary dumbbells.

The best time to exercise.

By the end of the day the body gets tired, and set yourself up for a workout will be difficult. So if possible, schedule the gym for the first half of the day. It could be a morning jog, a half-hour workout in the gym or strength training with barbells and dumbbells at home.

Do fitness with an experienced athlete

It will be easier if you start training together with an experienced athlete who regularly practices and is able to control the training process. His personal example can be a good incentive to not skip visits to the gym or stadium. Besides, your partner will always wait for you. But if you wait to find a reason to skip classes will be harder.

Work on positive thinking

Getting up early in the morning to go to practice is always difficult. So you need to properly motivate yourself and to set the mind on positive thoughts. How to do it? Think about how briskly you’ll feel after exercising the vigor with which will be able to start our day. Not be amiss to tell friends and colleagues that this morning was spent at the stadium or at the gym. All this will give the opportunity to set yourself up for an early rise. Similarly, you can set yourself up and evening training. The complex of positive thinking should consist of items such as:

  • goal setting;
  • search of associations with the result of studies;
  • identifying obstacles;
  • formulation of solutions to problems.

The athletes that use a similar scheme of positive thinking, much easier to get the desired result.

Create a reward system

When they say that sport is health, strength, beauty shape, it’s just common concepts, for a beginner would be a distant goal. Fitness classes should bring tangible results today.

Create for yourself a system of rewards, which can be used immediately after a workout. For example, she can eat after exercising a bit of chocolate without fear of gaining weight. For men the reward could be a visit to the sauna or swimming pool.

In short, create an effective system of remuneration, which will always be a pleasure to use.

Thus, to accustom themselves to regular workouts, you need to use simple but effective methods of motivation, helping to overcome natural laziness. Base for achieving the goal is a well structured fitness program of regular exercise. The rest will come with time.

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