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Motivation for a healthy lifestyle: how to become a fitness fan?

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Motivation for a healthy lifestyle: how to become a fitness fan?
The contents

  • How to become a fan of healthy lifestyle
  • The effect of six weeks
  • Fitness or sports
  • A sport that is suitable
  • Fitness classes with trainer
  • Extra motivation to exercise
  • Home fitness

Sports make us healthier, prettier, stronger. But how do you motivate yourself to regularly exercise? How to make so that fitness became a part of life, not an accidental episode in the everyday routine? Here are a few tips that will help you to get into the number of HLS.

How to become a fan of healthy lifestyle

For modern man, the maximally loaded with work and household chores, to decide on regular exercise difficult. Always something to prevent: that there is no time, tired, just wants to lie down on the couch. As psychologists point out, force yourself to exercise is easiest in the morning before work. At this time, hardest to find reasons to cancel training. You should start with 10-15 minutes of any physical activity, and gradually the fitness class will become your good habit.

The effect of six weeks

There is the idea that forming new habits requires about 4-6 weeks. If during this time to exercise regularly, in addition to the familiar skills, should be shown and first results of the training.

Even basic fitness at home will allow you to see how your body became slim and fit and the muscles stronger. Return to old forms no longer want. After a workout, you will begin to experience mild euphoria and burst of energy. Due to the active production of endorphins, significantly improved mood and attitude to life. Passively on the couch will be perceived as boring and primitive activity. You must pull once again take up the dumbbells, go to the gym, run outdoors.

Fitness or sports

In fact, the difference in these terms is small. Fitness is General physical preparation aimed at the improvement of the whole organism. Sports, if he is not professional, performs the same function. To do callanetics or Jogging, Pilates or Cycling, aerobics or basketball — the choice is yours. It is important to clearly understand what results you want to achieve and build their lessons on a pre-prepared plan.

A sport that is suitable

Of course, if you don’t get from classes no pleasure, through the power to go to the gym is not worth it. You need to find exactly the kind of physical activity with which you feel the urge again and again to come to practice. Today invented many types of fitness for any taste and preference. Try different options and eventually you will choose the sport for which you want to go to the gym no matter what.

Fitness classes with trainer

There are many sources where you can obtain the necessary information: what exercises develop certain muscle groups, what benefits they bring and how to plan their workout. Like and don’t need a coach. However, at the initial stage it is advisable to do it with a mentor. Beginners its practical experience will be particularly useful. The coach will not only show and tell you how to do fitness, but will help to increase your personal level of motivation.

Extra motivation to exercise

As in any business, in sports to achieve sustainable results need a powerful motivation. For the athlete-lover, this may be part of the competition, a beautiful relief of muscle and getting rid of excess weight. Extra motivation to give classes in a group or with a partner. If you know that today on the run or in the gym you someone is waiting, skip the exercise is just morally uncomfortable. Thus, even fitness at home can be motivated by many factors: from personal to social.

  • Search for the amenities — it will be easier to get involved in training.

If the gym will be close, it will be easier to get into it. But if you wear a beautiful sports suit, comfortable shoes, buy fashion sports watch, the desire to engage will increase even more. Determined to train, think ahead about where and what to do will be most comfortable. And also what time and what days of the week most convenient to allocate to sports.

  • Will invest the money.

If you have already spent money to organize your fitness class, then abandon them, you would not want. Where else could you in all its glory to appear in a track suit, new running shoes, as not on the track or in the gym. Therefore, if possible, do not spare money: buy a subscription to a popular gym, expensive accessories, high-quality sports equipment. This will be an additional incentive to with special pleasure to do sport exercises.

  • Do not drive yourself to exhaustion.

Active exercise and too much exercise can lead to loss of appetite, loss of strength, pain in muscles, bad mood. Practice exclusively in the best of their ability and don’t force the result. Accurately plan the intensity of training together with a coach or fitness instructor.

  • Social a whip.

Starting sports, tell your friends, acquaintances and work colleagues. Will post photos from training in social networks. You also will spur his motivation. Now go back down and refuse to continue the lessons, you will simply uncomfortable. What do you say people?

  • Select “stick”.

Effective for stimulus of the sport, you need to see what kind of results you can get in the end. Get yourself a training diary, and each time note how many you have burned calories, how many were able to jump rope how a change in body weight, waist etc. Very soon you will see that fitness really brings you favor.

  • Engage according to plan.

Fitness classes on well-developed plan also will support your efforts not to miss a workout. It has long been known that spontaneous sessions are much less effective planned. And if you see a plan with specific goals for the next week, you will be able to fully control the course of workouts and your results.

Home fitness

For those who have little free time or who are shy about their figures in a tracksuit, it may be advisable to start doing fitness at home. It can be very simple kinds of it: jumping rope, exercise, exercise bikes. Gradually you will be involved in training, and maybe later you will want to work out on the Playground, in the Park, the fitness club or at the stadium.

And the main advice — just try it. Not having experienced personally of energy, tense muscles and adrenaline in the blood, it is impossible to understand how important is for us active exercise.

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