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Motivating movies about sports

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Often films about sport are based on real events. Such films force the audience to admire the athletes and to reach own tops. Let’s consider some films about sports that inspire people.

The role of sport in human life

Before you review the list of motivating films about the sport, you need to know the main advantages of sports in a person’s life. There are the following advantages:

  • Strengthening muscles. This will help to reduce the pain or completely get rid of them.
  • Promotes better digestion.
  • Helps to withstand stressful situations or to get rid of stress and depression.
  • You are always in a good mood.
  • A healthy sleep.
  • With regular physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease. Pressure was always normal. Prevent osteoporosis and diabetes.
  • Strengthens the immune system, it is possible to easily cope with common colds.
  • Accelerates metabolism.
  • Helps to keep normal weight or to get rid of extra pounds.

Some people do sports to lose weight. The rest – to keep the body in shape to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Movies about sports give motivation and give a breakthrough to achieve goals.
Motivational movies about sports

Among a large list of movies about athletes and Champions of life identify the following:

  • “A League of their own”. The film was released in 1992 in the United States. One of the few movies about women’s sports team. What underlies this story: during the Second World war all the men went to the front and one entrepreneur creates a baseball League consisting of girls. The film stars well-known champion of that time – Jimmy Dugan.
  • “Ali.” One of the best films about the sport came in 2001 in the United States. Starring – Muhammad Ali – professional boxer. He acted in heavy weight category. The entire movie is built on the biography of one of the world’s best boxers. The role of the athlete in the film played by famous actor will Smith, who was able to convey feelings, sensations and victory of the athlete.
  • “Million dollar baby”. The film was released in 2004 in the United States. In this film, here comes the woman, which proves the power and endurance of the female. In the movie starred Hilary swank, Morgan Freeman and many other famous actors.
  • Another film about the sport to motivate – “Coach Carter”, which appeared on screens in 2005. Filmed in the United States. The plot – American ghetto. Here only two choices for young men basketball – prison or death. To help them solve only the coach Carter who wants to break the laws. The films revealed several important issues: the relations within the team, the identity of each player. The role of the coach in raising and maintaining team spirit. The film is based on real events that occurred in 1999 in Richmond, California.
  • “Peaceful warrior”. The film was released in 2006 in Germany. Movie based on the book-autobiography of the author Dan Millman called “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”. The story is about a talented young gymnast, who really wanted n the Olympic games. He gets into an accident. This might be the step to the end of your career in professional sport. But the athlete does not give up.

  • The following motivational movie – “soul Surfer”. Appeared n the screen in 2011, filmed in the United States. The story is about the life of a girl Bethany Hamilton. Thirteen years old girl lost her arm due to shark attack. She received severe physical and psychological trauma, but has not lost the love for the sport of surfing.
  • “United”. Movie came out in 2011 in the UK. The plot – an accident that occurred in Germany, where he was killed by members of the football team “Manchester United”. The crash occurred at Munich airport. Director James strong did not go into the details of the accident, and tells how hard it was to revive the team and not break her spirit.
  • Another movie about athletes – “chasing Mavericks”, which was released in 2012 in the United States. It’s a drama about a guy who loved surfing and wanted to reach the highest peaks in this sport. The boy’s teacher was his father and best friend. Tells about a famous athlete Jay Moriarty.
  • “Apple” – 2013, France. The film is based on real events of Pierre Durand and his horse Apple. The filmmaker revealed the story of the athlete in equestrian sports. A young man decides to quit his career as a lawyer. Wants to achieve success in equestrian sports. His horse didn’t fit the requirements – was low. Others do not believe in the guy, but he was able to achieve good results.
  • “The race”. Cinema presented in 2013 in Germany, USA, UK. Events unfold for the past six years. Based on real events. The story of two racers Niki Lauda and James hunt, which was found on the track. Their life is speed. Guys always want to overtake each other and become winners of the Formula 1.
  • In the big list of movies about sports can be identified “Mary Kom”. Movie came out in 2014, filmed in India. Tells the story of a mother of three children and five-time world champion in Boxing. The film looks at one breath. The story about Mary, about her victories and defeats.

Movies about sports give motivation to ordinary people who still don’t believe in yourself, make one to move forward and reach new heights.

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