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Most happy year: help Anna to return home

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she did not and that it is imperative to fill with pictures of my daughter for the New year. “The first year is the most important. All moments, every step for months.”

And I understand that this album is Anya doing mostly for myself. But otherwise, if missed almost six months of my daughter’s life. Well as “missed”. Was sick. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Veronica came to light in late February. Anya was discharged my daughter from hospital and a week later started coughing, harder and harder. Then the temperature rose. She certainly tried not to pay too much attention — well, ill, caught a cold in the hospital there. Now the main thing — the child, the main thing — to watch how she is changing every day, how ridiculous scowling brows, as the sneezes and grimaces, as if trying to communicate what her eyes are large, deep, dark, — newborn amazing eyes. When there to be sick? Called the doctor, he prescribed antibiotics, Anya started to drink them — that’s fine.

When antibiotics did not help, and the high temperature stubbornly held on and even crept up, called the doctor again. Veronica just started stomach cramps, and she almost never slept, so Anya took his illness as a nuisance and really hoped that this time she will select the right medicine. The doctor prescribed another antibiotic and sent Anya on the x-ray to check the lungs.

When Anya took the results of photoroentgenography at the therapist, she was very nervous and was in a hurry: bad sleep again, the girl was acting out, crying… How are they with your husband? She did not even understand what he says to her doctor:

What, what, what, what is the result? — she asked again

And the doctor looked at her and said,

— Sit down.

— Is it pneumonia? said Anya, and she thought again: “Well, if I say that pneumonia will lie down in the hospital and will recover a little, do not worry. Husband got off work for a week, mom, we will manage”.

— You have a tumor in the lungs.

Then there was a chest x-ray, CT, PET CT, biopsy and medical Commission in his native Saratov, where they live Anya with her husband. Then a direction on treatment in Moscow and six cycles of chemotherapy.

Anya went to the hospital in July and now November. The sky is grey, very cold and dank, as happens in the offseason, when nature did not dare to a new step — forward to the winter. Anna says that now, after chemo, she also needed a new step — radiation therapy, then cancer will go away forever, and she returns home to her daughter and to catch up. For all these six months, Anya turned to escape home a few times. First, Veronica’s mother did not know, as Ani the chemo she lost her hair, next time are already used. And in her last visit home, when after the fifth course of chemotherapy Ani thrombosis of veins and sent her home to heal, it was generally wonderful. Anya stayed with Veronica for a whole week, and now she is confident says “Mama” when he sees Anya on the phone screen during a call on Skype.

“I’ll come, we’ll sit down and lay out in the album by months this whole year,” says Anya. When I was teething when I first crawled, when he got up on his feet and, swaying, made the first step. “I will come, and we all spread out”. Anya speaks very convincingly, so that the thought is not to assume it to be otherwise that, for example, due to the lack of end-of-year quotas for radiation therapy it will not be able to recover, return home and at least the stories of her husband and photographs to survive the first, most amazing year in the life of a daughter. “I’ll come.”

Help Ann, she really needs to go home.

Text and photo: Maria Stroganova

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