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Morning food: what is the best time for Breakfast?

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It is important to know the exact time?

Unfortunately, almost as important as what you eat. Nutritionists believe that Breakfast should be for two hours after you Wake up: it allows for the digestion and stabilize blood sugar levels. So a window of two hours is fair for all, regardless of the time of recovery. It is especially important to apply this rule, if a person is sick with diabetes (if at all costs to shorten the period to one hour).

But if I go to the gym?

The question of whether to have Breakfast before exercise will have to decide for herself. The body can respond differently to the sport after a meal. And if you eat a sandwich, and then feel bad, it is better to train on an empty stomach. And if you want to eat and then exercise — eat complex carbohydrates (porridge) and banana: are you going to feel full without heaviness in the stomach. Generally speaking, Breakfast in this case, is about an hour before or an hour after sport.

But I don’t like to eat in the morning!

And have. Skipping Breakfast increases the risk of developing type II diabetes, destabilizie sugar levels and slows metabolism.

No need to make a full Breakfast of five dishes. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, eat something light (yogurt, egg, fruit). Gradually the body gets used to eat in the mornings, and it will become a habit.

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