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Morning fitness: rules and tips on the exercises

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Morning fitness: rules and tips on the exercises
The contents

  • The benefits of morning training
  • Features of fitness in the morning
  • Rules morning run
  • The importance of a training unit exercises
  • Guidance on drafting fitness workouts
  • Morning workout for weight loss
  • Tips for an effective morning training

Many medical studies conducted by scientists from Europe and America, have proven the usefulness and effectiveness of morning workouts. Such exercises charged with energy and vivacity for the whole subsequent day and required all professional athletes and ordinary fitness enthusiasts.

The benefits of morning training

Morning workout have a number of advantages:

  • help to cheer up;
  • tone all muscle groups;
  • metabolism;
  • cheer up, charged with vivacity and positive;
  • exercises performed in the morning, more energy consuming, that is help you to burn more calories;
  • improve mental capacity by accelerating the flow of oxygen to brain cells;
  • allow to abstract from unnecessary thoughts and tune in the desired fashion;
  • remove the accumulated negativity from your daily routine, eliminate fatigue;
  • reduce appetite;
  • increase the production of endorphins and in General normalize hormonal balance.

Morning trainings are significantly disciplinary and help to establish the correct mode of the day. Systematic early rises rapidly become habits, which in turn will not allow you to stay up late.

Features of fitness in the morning

According to the rules, the morning session should be held about an hour after waking up. According to research based on the study of biorhythms of the human body, the optimal time period for the beginning of the training, 8-11 am.

It was at this time the body is most efficient and least susceptible to fatigue. Summer classes can begin at an earlier hour, as the intense heat will put extra strain on the cardiovascular system and decreases physical endurance.

Any morning training should include Jogging at a moderate pace for 15-30 minutes. It Jogging provide the necessary cardio and help to warm up the muscles before performing follow fitness elements.

It is important to pay attention to their own health in the process of the session. With the appearance of severe dyspnea or pain, you must reduce the rate and reduce the intensity of movements.

Any fitness training should take place in comfortable athletic shoes and clothes, not hampering. A contrast shower after training will help to normalize blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels, increase elasticity of the skin.

Rules morning run

Cross training is essential to improve the health and General strengthening of the muscle corset. To beg the body was brought undeniable benefits, it is important to follow several rules. For effective training is extremely important:

  • moderate load;
  • proper technique (when running, you need to make alternate arm swing, the elbows should be bent at a right angle, your back and neck remain straight);
  • uniform breathing;
  • a record of physical performance (recording distance and time, you can witness your own progress);
  • a gradual increase in mileage;
  • cushioning shoes to reduce impact stress on the joints.

The importance of a training unit exercises

Workout is a fundamental element of any effective fitness workout. It allows you to gradually prepare the muscles and joint and ligaments for the forthcoming activity. Thanks to high-quality warm-up complex it is possible to prevent stagnation in the body and to rid post-workout muscle pain.

The workout consists of basic exercises that are based on smooth rotational movements of the different parts of the body. Warming up the muscle fibers and joints usually occurs top-down: from head and neck to the lumbar and feet.

An exemplary diagram of a training unit:

  • circular rotation of the head;
  • tilts his head forward-backward, left-right;
  • circular motion of the shoulders;
  • Mahi hands;
  • the rotation of the brush at arm’s length;
  • inclinations of the case in side and front to back;
  • torso twists;
  • circular rotation of the pelvis;
  • the rotation of the knees with the hands;
  • squats;
  • bending forward with hands touching the floor;
  • classic attacks;
  • alternate circular movement of the feet.

Guidance on drafting fitness workouts

Program morning workouts should consist of a mix of different exercises for full development of all muscle groups. Every fitness exercise should include some plyometric elements (exercises performed with an explosive power) and at least one static load.

The morning training does not have to be super intensive: they do not need to overload a large number of sets and reps. But one week a month is recommended to be dedicated to training with maximum intensity.

With the accumulation of fatigue, you take a week break to fully recover and rest from training process.

Morning workout for weight loss

Morning fitness, aimed at getting rid of extra pounds requires a special approach. Jogging should be done in warm clothes, and the problematic parts of the body, it is desirable to isolate the plastic film. This will increase perspiration, which will contribute to eliminate excess fluid and will accelerate the launch fat burning processes.

Classes with high intensity and minimal rest breaks. To protect the body from dehydration, it is important to ensure the availability of clean drinking water. After training you can eat and drink freshly brewed green tea.

Tips for an effective morning training

When holding classes in morning hours it is important to observe:

  • established the day: for an effective workout we need a full and adequate time for sleep;
  • correct feeding schedule: small meal before training (30-40 minutes) and dense, but healthy Breakfast after. Also you need to consider a balanced lunch and not too late. Between main meals light snacks are permissible;
  • well-composed training program with the correct level of stress;
  • maintaining water balance: don’t forget the before and during training drink pure, still water.

Morning fitness training will give a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day, improve metabolism and blood circulation, prevent stagnation in the body, contribute to weight loss. After sleep the glycogen stores in the body are minimal. Therefore, even a slow cardio fairly quickly activates the combustion of body fat. Regular classes morning fitness will help you to be always in good physical shape.

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