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Morning exercise: benefits and simple exercises

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Morning exercise: benefits and simple exercises

The contents

  • The benefits of morning exercise
  • A short set of exercises
  • Exercises exercises for women
  • Charging for men
  • Basic rules morning training

The vast majority of us are used to starting your day with a Cup of strong coffee, which tones and helps to Wake up. This drink really adds vivacity, but only for a short time, and its constant use can cause hormonal imbalance and chronic fatigue. Much more healthy method of increasing the activity in the morning is exercise, which is a set of simple exercises for all muscle groups of the body. At the same invigorating effect these morning classes long enough, and regular charging helps to improve mood and shapes health in General.

The benefits of morning exercise

A fairly small number of people doing morning exercises on a regular basis, and yet it has its significant positive aspects:

  • A surge of energy.

In the course of performing any physical exercise is an acceleration of blood circulation in the body, his cells are saturated with oxygen and other nutrients, which increases the amount of energy.

  • Improvement of mood.

During moderate exercise induces the production of endorphins that positively affect mood.

  • The formation of the figure.

Exercise in the morning helps to start the metabolic processes in the body, so the resulting Breakfast the nutrients will be fully absorbed without harm to the figures. In addition, proper loading helps to form good posture and to maintain weight at an appropriate level, especially during pregnancy.

  • Strengthening the immune system.

Regular physical activity increases the body’s defenses and makes it more resistant to external influences. So if you perform exercise every day, then very soon you will be able to notice that the cold bother you much less frequently.

  • Increasing willpower.

Earlier awakening and doing these exercises in the morning will help you develop strong-willed character, which is very important for future achievements.

A short set of exercises

If you decided to hold regular morning training, which will strengthen your health, improve mood and well being, as well as increasing energy levels, it is necessary to select the appropriate set.

The most versatile is the 10-minute set of exercises, because it fits people with a low level of physical fitness, children and the elderly. Carry out the same exercise for the whole body according to the following algorithm:

  • Complete head rotation clockwise and counterclockwise, making only 5 movements in each direction. The head should be tilted only to a comfortable position, avoiding unpleasant sensations, and perform all movements slowly and carefully.
  • Standing straight, arms out to side parallel to the floor. Brushes squeeze into fists and perform a rotation of hands in elbow joints in the amount of 20 times in each direction.
  • Stand up straight in a stable position and follow rotation straight arms with a maximum amplitude. Do 10 repetitions in each direction.
  • Standing straight, feet wide, body tilt horizontally to the floor and perform alternating your fingers in the opposite foot, making 20 repetitions of the exercise.
  • The palm position on the hips and follow the circular rotation of the latter in the amount of 20 repetitions for each side.
  • Standing straight, grasp one hand on a stable support. Bend one leg at the knee and press it to his chest. Complete rotation of the tibia with the maximum possible amplitude of 10 times.
  • Exercises exercises for women

    Almost any woman one way or another are dissatisfied with their figure, so to start the day with the beauty of their bodies is a good solution. The following exercises are best suited for the formation of a slender feminine silhouette:

    • the head tilts forward, backward and sideways;
    • standing straight, pull your right hand in front of him, after the maximum pull her hand another hand to your left shoulder;
    • standing straight, raise one hand vertically up and the other down along the trunk. Rhythmically change the limbs swapped;
    • follow the slopes of the body, trying to reach your palms to the floor;
    • on all fours alternately vegimite and prohibite back;
    • stand up straight and holding onto a stable support, do leg swings to the side;
    • do squats while holding your back straight, and feet placed at a distance slightly wider than your shoulders;
    • connect the foot between themselves, perform rhythmic lifting on socks.

    Charging for men

    Morning exercises for men is much more intense, with involvement of many muscles and involves mainly strength exercises.

    Morning exercises for men:

    • tilts and turns of the head;
    • push UPS from the wall or floor, depending on the level of training;
    • the exercise, simulating the blows in Boxing;
    • strap that should hold the minimum of 30 seconds;
    • stretch your arms forward, palms together and perform deep turns the body to the sides and back;
    • do the direct and oblique twists;
    • squats with weights;
    • stand still with your feet wide, squat slightly and alternately straighten your legs out to the sides, simulating attacks.

    Basic rules morning training

    It may seem that 10 minutes of exercise a day can not bring tangible benefits, but with the right approach to training can significantly improve your health and appearance. It is important to follow certain rules to not only benefit but not harm himself.:

    • just woken up, the body should not be too intensive to load, light enough workout to achieve the effect of cheerfulness;
    • start exercise, not getting out of bed, stretching and gently warming up immediately after waking up;
    • before the main part of charge is recommended to wash, to Wake myself up and prepare for the training;
    • engage in your favorite upbeat music;
    • breathe deeply and steadily, filling the cells with oxygen;
    • if you feel unwell feasible do you exercise or do not charge at all.

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