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More water: a personal experience of how to learn to drink water if you don’t like her

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“Maybe I’m the person who drinks the least water because it hates them. To combat this I didn’t see the point because I felt fine. But at some point I decided to check what happens if you drink water and join the competition: drink a daily gallon of water (3.79 liters. — Approx.ed.) in the course of a month. And that’s what happened.

First week. This is hard!

Of course, I would like to say that honestly drank all the necessary liters, but it was harder than I thought. A sudden rise in water levels in the body provoke nausea. I often ran to the toilet, what worked. In the morning, walked the dog, and then raced home. It was uncomfortable, but promised that later will be better, plus I’ll sleep better, have less harmful, skin will become cleaner and energy will increase.

Second week. No snacking

At first I didn’t notice a difference — I was just filled with water. Then it turned out that I became more attentive to the food. I love the sweet and impulsive purchases, but in 10 days water marathon, I began to buy apples and fresh berries. Maybe the change in diet has made me more intelligent in terms of choice? But the energy has not increased.

Third week. I want water

All week I suffered from thirst, as if the body loses water. I drank a half-liter bottle in seconds and wanted more. Lemonade disgusted, needed only water.

Fourth week. And where is the promised health?

By the end of the month I was upset that he had not received all the promised bonuses. Sleep has not improved, the facial skin too. But I felt better! Was eating correctly, drinking a lot more fluids than ever in my life.

I stopped drinking coffee, it too was replaced by water. Now, when the marathon ended, I’m not sure that I will continue to drink water: I’m too happy to do things outside the toilet. But of course, I drink more than before.”

What do the experts say?

Dehydration has many side-effects, from drowsiness to pressure surges. That’s what principles should adhere to:

  • drink 500 ml of water after waking up;
  • unsweetened drinks with caffeine are also considered water;
  • not much sweet beverages;
  • refill electrolytes, eating fruit with nuts, cheese with tomatoes, unsweetened yogurt with watermelon or berries;
  • vegetables and fruits also bring in water — one Apple its more than 100 ml!
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