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Minus 7 kg in 2 months lose weight in the councils of the Royal nutritionist

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Eating the entire Royal family is following the nutritionist-nutritionist Gabriela peacock. Therefore, it asked the Princess Eugenia, which, despite the fashion for bodypositive still wanted to lose weight to look on the wedding day stunning. Gabriela made a special diet, and also gave some advice in terms of training. Because without them this would cool the result was not. Princess lost weight in two months by 7 kilos! And, judging by the last photo, keep the weight.

By the way, some of the recommendations of a nutritionist finally debunked myths about losing weight. For example, peacock Eugenia strongly advised not to skip Breakfast, and to contain a greater number of calories consumed per day. This will not only give strength to the body, but also still protects you from constant hunger and weight gain. The combination of protein and carbohydrates is the best way to keep the level of sugar in the blood (it jumps cause the desire to eat something harmful). So in the morning it is best to eat porridge with almond (or oatmeal) with milk or mixed with yogurt. Can add a handful of berries (lots of antioxidants and few calories).

To the stomach has always been flat, it is necessary to exclude from the diet foods that cause flatulence. The black list includes cabbage, mushrooms, beans, dairy products, onions, artichokes, apples, pears, grapes. In principle, there are better braised or steamed vegetables, not raw. As they can also cause bloating and discomfort.

Of course, the basis of the diet of those who want to lose weight — protein (more meat and less bread!), but to completely abandon the carbohydrates and sugars you should not. But that is provided that you exercise. Research has shown British scientists a small consumption of these seemingly harmful products will not affect your figure, if you go to the gym. This rule is adhered to Eugene in the morning before work (yeah, princesses go to work!) is Jogging or going to the gym (for girls only!), where on the neighboring treadmill you can meet Cara Delevingne.

In one interview, Eugene said that she liked the pizza — it’s her weakness. But Gabriela did not mind if her client sometimes (!) allow a piece of this delicacy. Nutritionist even able to offer her a few pieces of chocolate or a small biscuit. She believes that stringent restrictions lead to breakdowns, which is not good.

If you really want sweet, that’s just the strength to endure, before the chocolate, you should eat a small piece of cheese or a small low-fat yogurt. This trick promotes faster satiety and prevents overeating.

Peacock does not support the idea that sitting on a diet, you need to eat a little. Rather, you need to eat small amounts frequently (about every 3.5 hours), so in the end we got 5 meals. Once a week should arrange a fasting (hungry) day.

Do not eat after 6 PM?! A team of nutritionists led by Gabriela believes that this is nonsense. Probably the last meal should be no later than 9 PM, so all food had digested. The Breakfast and lunch should be tight, and by evening, the calories need to be reduced. And another point: for dinner, choose fiber-rich vegetables that should be thoroughly chewed. It is helpful for digestion and your intestinal flora that is responsible for weight. And between the fruits and smoothies give preference to the first, as they are also rich in fiber.

Of course, you need to drink a lot of water (at least two liters a day). First, this is what bring all the toxins and wastes from the body. Second, to speed up the metabolism. If you forget about it, don’t say that you have a slow metabolism. You just don’t drink!

Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach! Caffeine stimulates the release of glucose, and this leads to sugar cravings. Do not let similar mistakes!

In addition, peacock Eugenie has prescribed vitamins and supplements, such as Slim Me Protein Me and Energize Me. They accelerate the metabolism, helping to lose weight, normalize blood sugar levels and provide energy.

One last thing: as corny as it may sound, healthy sleep helps to get rid of excess weight. The fact is that if you are happy, you automatically feel happier — this is due to the fact that on an industrial scale begins to produce serotonin. And it suppresses the feeling of hunger, counteracts depression, which leads to sweets or a sandwich in the morning.

That this rule have Princess Eugenie was the problem because she sleeps less than 7 hours (and need at least 8!). But before the wedding she was going to rewrite the routine and began to go to sleep early. Needless to say that the results were not long in coming and the arrow on the scales went down rapidly?

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