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Mike O Hearn called the newborn son Titan

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Athlete and model from the USA Mike O Hearn (Michael O Hearn) who exchanged their sixth decade of age, the happy birth of a son. The photo of the newborn three days old, he showed the audience of 1.3 million followers on Instagram. The name of the boy was not chosen by chance – it was called the Titan (the Titan) because Mike O Hearn played the role of “Titanium” in the series “Gladiator” in 2008 and now it passes the name of his little son:

“Keep in mind, the most important is the connection of muscles and mind. As you can see, the Titan performs an exercise on the triceps. The connection of the mind with the muscles is the key, and from there use the weight that fits you. He already uses his dad and maybe we already caught a glimpse of a future that looks like a possible O Hearn 2.0 or “Titan”.

Mike demonstrates in his the age of great athletic shape. Congratulations O’hearn with the birth of his boy Titan!


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