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Michal Kryzanek wins the IFBB World Championships

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World championship bodybuilding IFBB Elite World, held this year for the first time was divided into four separate competitions. World championship mens-physicist and a world Cup classic-physicist has already taken place earlier, and this weekend in Alicante, Spain took the world championship in bodybuilding in both weight classes. Twelve athletes of the open category went to the Spanish the stage to find out who of them is the best bodybuilder and compete for a cash prize Fund 30 000 USD. The winner was the champion of the tournament Elite IFBB Pro Madrid , Pro Czech Republic , Austria Elite IFBB Pro and Arnold Classic Europe Kryzanek Michal (Michal Križánek), received a $15,000.

TOP 5 at the IFBB World Championships

1. Michal Križánek
2. Lorenzo Leeuwe
3. Szymon Łada
4. Michael Muzo
5. Tomáš Kašpar

In weight category to 90 kg the winner was Mika Sihvonen (Mika Sihvonen) from Finland.


1. Mika Sihvonen
2. Andrey Melnikov
3. Zohir Mihoubi
4. Abdelkader Benabdellah
5. Abel Martín


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