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Metroflex Gym owner arrested for opening sports club

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In California, police arrested a gym owner in the Northern District, who reopened his business, ignoring government orders. Oceanside police spokesman Tom Bussey said police arrested Louis Uridel, the owner of Metroflex Gym, after he opened his business on Sunday. He was later released and received a warrant. Bassi added that the officers had warned him a few days before his arrest. FOX 5 interviewed Uridel on Monday at his sports club. He claimed that officers contacted him, but did not warn that he would be arrested if he did not keep his gym closed. He said he decided to open a gym on Friday to give his business a chance to survive a coronavirus pandemic.

"This is a provocation. I have exhausted my personal savings, and still have to pay the bill for the light, which is turned on, ”said Uridel. "It got to the point that we could lose visitors and our gym."

Uridel’s decision to re-open his hall was made after a member of the Oceanside City Council, Christopher Rodriquesz, called for all businesses in the city to open. Rodriguez campaigned on Saturday to return to work all secondary businesses. According to Mayor Peter Weiss, the position of this adviser is not an official city policy. Metroflex Gym owner said he plans to reopen his gym on Wednesday with a rally calling for other small businesses to open.

Also on Monday, a group of protesters gathered outside the Pinellas County Courthouse, calling for the opening of gyms in Florida. Gyms have been closed since Governor Ron DeSantis ordered home safety throughout the state last month to slow the spread of the virus. A group of 20-30 people gathered in the courthouse, urging fitness staff to return to work, and clients to their regular workouts. Protesters were spotted with posters and waving flags outside the courthouse. Many of the protesters began doing squats and push-ups to demonstrate peaceful protest.

According to the governor’s plan, the gyms will be allowed to open during the second phase of quarantine removal, but the capacity of the gyms will be limited to 75 percent. Along with this, they will have to adhere to strict protocols of sanitation and social distance.

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