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With age, ligaments and joints start to lose their strength, elasticity, mobility. Problems may arise in early years. To ligaments joints stay healthy, you need to carefully monitor their condition. This is especially important for those who are actively involved in sports even at the Amateur level. Among the substances that are required to maintain the musculoskeletal system in a normal state, an important role for the MSM or methylsulfonylmethane. Its deficiency causes problems with joints and ligaments. Make the connection as a Supplement, because it allows to cope with the inflammation. To understand why, one should take this substance, you need to clearly understand the mechanism of its work, and what products containing MSM are considered the best.

The contents

  • 1 What is MSM?
  • 2 Why taking the Supplement with MSM?
  • 3 How does the additive?
    • 3.1 anti-Inflammatory effect
    • 3.2 muscle Recovery
    • 3.3 Helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis, reducing pain
  • 4 Side effects
  • 5 In some cases, MSM can help?
  • 6 How to take methylsulfonylmethane, MSM dosage
  • 7 Best supplements with MSM

What is MSM?

Metilsulfonilmetan called sulfur-organic substance with anti-inflammatory action. This is not its sole purpose. The connection is often take the diet period. It is used for treatment of a wide range of illnesses and adverse conditions. Substance present in animal and vegetable organisms, being natural sulfur-containing compound. It is often obtained in the laboratory, and then produced in powdered form or capsules. Such products apply to food additives, which are used in the athletes.

MSM is used in alternative medicine. This material is a safe method for reducing pain in the joints, healthy inflammatory response and strengthen immune function. A study was conducted which confirmed that the compound is effective to take with recurrent chronic skin diseases, arthritis and others.

MSM is a source of sulfur. The human body required to combat inflammation, production of protein, which is the main building block of muscle mass, strengthen bone tissue and cartilage, as well as cell regeneration. The mineral has a positive effect on the joints and ligaments, but also beneficial to the skin, hair, nails.

Sulfur-containing compound present in foods, but this goal is not always enough. In addition, you should take into account that special organic formula obtained in laboratory conditions, has not overall positive, and the local impact. In other words, the Supplement allows you to get a specific effect — regeneration of the skin, pain in the ligaments and joints. Inhibition of the pain syndrome is not the only positive effect, because the sulfur helps to restore muscle tissue.

Why take a Supplement with MSM?

Produced synthesized sulfur-containing organic compound intended for administration to athletes in the form of dietary Supplements. They are intended for use by those who suffer from pain and inflammation of the joints, which drain the cartilage tissue. This condition is most often seen in people who are intensively involved in sports.

Impair the mobility of the ligamentous and articular apparatus can diet, the main requirement of which is the rejection of the use of salt. Such a diet is often shared by athletes when preparing for upcoming competitions. The loss of salt leads to depletion of mineral nutrients and impaired cartilage and bone tissue.

Deformation changes and inflammatory processes lead to violations of the training plan, and then make sports impossible. To avoid these changes allows the supplementation of MSM, quite often present in the complexes for joints with glucosamine and chondroitin. This combination greatly enhances the effect.

Bone and muscle tissue are suffering from a shortage of sulfur, which takes an active part in all vital processes in the body. The link fault often occurs with age. This results in the loss of skin elasticity, loss of hair, brittle nails, but, more importantly, as the musculoskeletal system becomes much worse. This influence of sulfur on humans has led to the fact that sulfur came to be called the beauty mineral. Supplementation with this compound allows to significantly prolong youth and, of course, give health.

How does the Supplement?

Sulfur has many positive effects:

  • actively involved in the synthesis of collagen, hemoglobin, keratin, which helps cells regenerate, and therefore the aging process of the dermis slows, the hair and nails grow much faster;
  • improves and increases the rate of transport of nutrients into the cell membranes;
  • actively participates in the synthesis of connective tissue, which explains the fact of appointment supplements together with glucosamine in osteoarthritis;
  • involved in the synthesis of insulin, and therefore contributes to the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism, which is especially important for those who suffer from diabetes.

MSM acts as anti-inflammatory and as an antioxidant.

Anti-inflammatory effect

A study was conducted which was attended by 100 people over the age of 50. Participants were given Supplement, which contained 1200 mg of MSM, for 3 months, i.e. 12 weeks. The results of such treatment showed that pain and swelling in the host MSM has decreased to a greater extent than those who were given a placebo. In addition, the receiving the supplements started to feel much better and also it has become much easier to walk.

An experiment to study the anti-inflammatory properties of the substance were carried out more than once. Another study involved 32 people. Each had some lower back problems, experiencing severe pain. They received supplements with glucosamine and MSM. The result is pain in the lower back and at rest, and movement reduced to a large extent. It’s definitely had a positive impact on quality of life of participants.

There is the claim that the MSM is able to reduce the production of cytokines — factors tumor necrosis alpha and interleukin-6. They are proteins that signal the beginning of inflammatory processes. The compound can increase glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant produced in the body.

Muscle recovery

Supplements with MSM, accelerate recovery after intense exercise, when muscles are damaged and get stress. As a result of this process is increased production of lactic acid, which provokes pain in the muscle tissues, interferes with training and recovery.

To the muscles faster return to a normal life after intensive exercise, take MSM. Additive restores the gaps in a natural way by reducing inflammation and lactic acid. In one study, 22 women were divided into two groups. One for three weeks were given a daily placebo and the other 3 grams supplements. He noted that the pain in joints and muscles dramatically decreased.

Helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis, reducing pain

To inflammatory diseases include arthritis, which causes pain and reduced joint mobility. Has potent anti-inflammatory effect of MSM is used as an alternative synthetic drug to eliminate the symptoms of arthritis. It increases the efficiency of other additives, which are used in the treatment of disease. Among such funds, it should be noted boswellic acid, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate. The results of the study showed that its joint reception with chondroitin and glucosamine increases the effectiveness of the latter and decrease pain after knee osteoarthritis.

In another experiment it was proved that daily consumption of 5 g of MSM and 7 g Boswellia acid is much more effective than glucosamine for reducing pain, improve the condition of those suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee.

Side effects

No adverse effects of ingestion and overdose of sulfur have been identified. Methylsulfonylmethane is an organic Supplement therefore it is considered as safe as possible. Consider another fact that research on this topic resulted in very little, and therefore, absolutely there is no guarantee. Is considered a lethal dosage of 17.6 g for every kilogram of body weight. One can feel great after taking MSM, while others complain of malaise, diarrhea, nausea, and digestive problems.

In some cases, MSM can help?

Best organosulfur compound helps in the first stages of illness. Methylsulfonylmethane is recommended to use those dosages specified in the instructions to the drug. Additives are useful to people in age, because the amount of sulfur steadily with age supplies and begin to suffer inflammation, pain, grinding in the joints.

Pain in the joints and ligaments often result from intense physical permanent loads. This is especially evident when playing power sports. Methylsulfonylmethane will help you cope with the consequences of such regular training. This is because the connection helps reduce inflammation and promotes regeneration of ligaments, cartilage.

It should be understood that training in acute pain, you must cease and resume after recovery. Otherwise, supplementation will not bring any result, or the athlete may again be injured.

How to take methylsulfonylmethane, MSM dosage

Supplement capsules take 1-2 g two to three times a day. Begin taking the Supplement according to the General scheme: 2 doses at 1-2 g. Powder form diluted in a glass of water, take the standard scheme: 2 doses at 1-2 g do Not exceed the daily dose of 6 g, and such doses prescribed by a doctor for acute inflammation.

The best supplements with MSM

Among the best means are the following:

  • Animal Flex (Universal Nutrition);
  • Glucosamine & MSM (Ultimate Nutrition);
  • MSM from NSP and from the Joint Healer from MSN
  • EnjoyNt (usa1000);
  • Procell collagen & hyaluronic acid (VITAMAX);
  • Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM (Is)
  • Formula MSM (Street Workout PRO).

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