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Only proper nutrition

Methods of recovery after exercise

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Methods of recovery after exercise

Success in almost any sport, especially power, physical in addition to a healthy lifestyle and personal motivation, there are three main factors that make it up. This is the right training program, right balanced diet and sufficient rest time and recovery between workouts. And if a compliance training program can help coach, provide recreation and food.

Rest and meals after a workout

After you’ve trained the body should be given the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. But the rest does not allow the muscles to recover and grow or become stronger. For growth of strength and muscle mass nutrition is of paramount importance. It is extremely important immediately after your workout to consume a serving of light food with a high content of protein and carbohydrates. Such food may well be a portion of sports nutrition, in particular protein or protein-carbohydrate cocktail. Fast absorption after a workout, protein and carbohydrates stops the muscle breakdown, experiencing post-workout stress, and start the process of building new muscle fibers. In addition, within 1-2 hours after a good intense workout in the body open so-called “carbohydrate window” through which taken post-workout carbohydrates to glucose laminating, directly accumulate in the liver and muscles as glycogen, the “fuel” for physical activity.

Rest after you train a muscle group and before you can conduct training for this group should be at least 3-4 days. During this time the muscle fibers damaged by exercise, recover, synthesize new fibers to restore glycogen and nutrients in the muscles.

During the holidays, not just after a workout, do not forget about sports nutrition. Its use is necessary each day to fill your diet with the necessary amount of proteins and carbohydrates. This is essential for full muscle recovery after a workout with weights.

What is the diet and observe the rest – this can be found in the appropriate fitness lessons on videos or articles about healthy lifestyles, which are prepared by professional athletes.

Physical activity after a workout

If your goal is weight and while you do not suffer from excess weight, forget about aerobics or other physical activity in between workouts. Such exercises spend calories, necessary for growth of muscle mass and strength. The best recovery for tired muscles is a healthy sleep. During sleep, the body “recharges” their “battery” that repairs muscles, produces the hormone testosterone, which is the most important to build muscle mass. Per day you need to sleep at least 8 hours a night and to allocate at least half an hour for a NAP.

Well, if you are overweight, moderate aerobics between workouts will not hurt.

Fedor Emelianenko on sports nutrition, recovery from exercise and alcoholic beverages

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