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Methionine: properties, application in sports dosage

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Methionine: properties, application in sports dosage

In sports the body’s need for amino acids increases. So before you start strength training, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic amino acids, their properties and functions. Amino acids have to take an additional, in the form of sports nutrition. Otherwise, do not compensate for the enhanced consumption of these compounds at intense fitness.

The composition of the sports supplements often include sulfur-containing amino acid methionine. The human body obtains this essential amino acid from food. It is contained in protein-rich animal and plant foods: meat, eggs, cheese, legumes, peanut.

Functions of methionine: the biological role and the benefit to the athlete

Methionine has no direct anabolic effect. For the weightlifter it is important primarily because it strengthens the body in General. Regular intake of L-methionine increases the tone and improves the immune system, the athlete easier to tolerate load and faster to recover from them.

Methionine reduces body fat, primarily in the liver. In addition, it has a hepatoprotective action (promotes liver health). It is established that under the influence of methionine reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. The condition of the hair and nails also depend on this amino acid.

Methionine is involved in the synthesis of creatine, which plays an important role in energy metabolism in muscle tissue. Is the ratio of methionine to cysteine molecules he delivers for this purpose the sulfur atom. Cysteine is known as a strong antioxidant. It is also a precursor of glutathione, which protects the body from free radicals, and many toxic substances.

L-methionine as well as cysteine and glutathione, it has antioxidant properties and is able to neutralize dangerous to health substances. In addition, methionine helps the body rid itself of ammonia, and is also involved in the formation of the immune cells of barrier to infections.

Methionine in sports nutrition: terms of use

Thanks to the overall beneficial effects of methionine on the health and well-being of the athlete additional intake of this amino acid will benefit at all training stages. Especially important in sufficient quantity to supply her body during a low-carb diet.

How much methionine is taken as a sports nutrition depends on diet, which adheres to the athlete. Typically, the daily dose is about 1000 mg, but may be higher – 1250 mg. Methionine can not be used by pregnant women, people with heart disease and arthritis. Athletes, whose diet often includes meat, beans, cheese and other rich in methionine food, not like sports supplements with this amino acid. In this case, the body and so gets it in sufficient quantity.

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