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Mesomorph: a program of fitness

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Mesomorph: a program of fitness

The contents

  • Brief description of mesomorph
  • Mesomorph and fitness: pros and cons
  • Especially diet for people with a mesomorphic body type
  • An optimal fitness program for mesomorph

Some people naturally have an athletic body type, also known as mesomorphic. It would seem that fitness should not cause them any problems, but even mesomorphs should follow certain rules. Common mistakes in planning your diet and training are able to undo the result of hard work, so it’s important to know how to effectively use genetic features.

Brief description of mesomorph

It is believed that everyone has a mixed type of Constitution, which is dominated by features of a certain size. Severe signs mesomorphic somatotype boasts only 10-15% of people, including many professional athletes, models and famous actors. To simply determine the mesomorph: characterized by broad shoulders, massive chest, bulky muscles. In terms of physiology the main feature is the increased P-ratio — the ability to assimilate dietary protein and turn it into muscle fibers. This is especially true if the fitness program of mesomorph aimed at increasing muscles.

As observations show, mesomorphy easily withstand long high intensity workout. Experts believe that this is possible due to the increased glycogen stores in muscle tissue, of which the athlete’s body draws energy during the class. If a person is interested with fitness from early childhood, the effect is amplified because of the accelerated metabolism.

Mesomorph and fitness: pros and cons

It is believed that the owners of the mesomorphic physique is able to succeed regardless of the fitness program, and it is far from the truth. Following the recommendations of trainers and nutritionists, mesomorphy able to reach professional level in just 2 years of regular training. Thanks to super-efficient recycling of protein in muscle tissue, bodybuilding is extremely easy.

The main enemy of mesomorph who loves fitness, is laziness. To reveal the innate potential, it is necessary to work thoroughly, however, many athletes quickly lose their enthusiasm. Reaching the average level of physical fitness, mesomorphy slow down, which leads to partial or complete loss of the achieved result. To avoid this, we need powerful sources of motivation that will help to strictly adhere to recommendations regarding diet and training.

Especially diet for people with a mesomorphic body type

Mesomorphy are real lucky in the world of fitness, because they may not be so carefully to follow the diet as endomorphy and ectomorphy. Unfortunately, after a certain age they acquire a tendency to accumulation of fat, so it’s wise to develop the habit to eat healthy and nutritious food. The composition of the mesomorph diet must include foods high in protein: fish, beef, cheese, eggs. From fatty and high-calorie dishes, it is desirable to refuse.

Human metabolism tends to slow down with each passing year. In combination with sedentary work and lack of physical activity is able to spoil even the perfect shape mesomorph. To make the metabolism more efficient and helps fractional diet. To eat according to this method, divide daily calories into 5-7 small meals. A slight feeling of hunger after each meal is a sign that you have correctly planned diet.

Sports nutrition is essential for mesomorph, whose body receives the maximum benefit from supplementation. Include in the diet protein shakes that will speed up the growth of muscles and mineral complexes with essential fatty acids will help to lose weight and improve terrain.

An optimal fitness program for mesomorph

Making a lesson plan, representatives of the mesomorphic somatotype can be based on any program, because their natural data allow to obtain excellent results regardless of the schema of the training. The owners of other types of Constitution, in contrast, do not have to use specialized programs for mesomorphs, since their bodies are often not adapted to this load level.

If you come to power fitness recently, focus on the study of an increasing number of muscles during one training session. Plan lessons so that all groups of muscles got load for 1-2 visits to the gym. This will help you to build muscle and improve strength to master the technique of split-training. Training of this type is based on the study of 1-2 muscle groups a day, and in the first half of the class, you must do the basic exercises, the second insulating. Approaches with a total weight it is allowed to start only after a good workout.

Universal fitness program involves 3 split workouts a week. The lesson plan looks as follows:

  • the first day, the design of the back and shoulder girdle. Standard pullups on the bar, pull rod in the slope, pull the top of the unit, the military press, lifting a barbell to the chin, lifting dumbbells in front of the housing;
  • the second day, strengthen your arms and chest. The usual bench and with dumbbells in the corner of the bench, spreading the hands with the weights, lifting barbells for biceps, hammer, French and classic bench press with a narrow formulation of the hands;
  • the third day, the load for the feet. Squat with a barbell, bench and leg extension in the simulator, lifting on socks.

A mesomorph needs constant “drying” of the muscles, so power fitness should be adding regular cardio. Aerobics it is desirable to do 2-3 times a week, preferring running, swimming, walking and sports games. To body time to recover after exercise, between exercises you must rest for at least 48 hours. The duration of sleep should be 8 hours a day.

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