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Only proper nutrition

Menu for every day for girls

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What is a healthy diet? It’s not a diet with a limited set of products, and not some abstract kind of diet. The menu for each day must be composed of common dishes, and in the types of food you have to limit. Choosing healthy foods, controlling portions and proper preparation – the key to harmony, good health and good results in sport for those involved. Moreover, proper nutrition is much easier than any of the existing diets. Enough to learn how to combine products.

The contents

  • 1 Basic principles of proper nutrition
  • 2 good and bad foods for weight loss
  • 3 Proper nutrition for weight loss menu for a week
    • 3.1 Monday
    • 3.2 Tuesday
    • 3.3 Environment
    • 3.4 Thursday
    • 3.5 Friday
    • 3.6 Saturday
    • 3.7 Sunday
  • 4 How to organize a proper nutrition for weight loss?

The basic principles of proper nutrition

Scientific principles of nutrition. The first is the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet, as well as its energy value depend on the gender, age, and occupation. Energy expenditure must exceed the amount of nutrients, which “comes” with food, if a person wants to lose weight. This applies to all menu proper nutrition.

The second scientific principle – a variety of products. In addition to macronutrients, i.e. proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the body needs vitamins, minerals, fiber. They are found in food in varying proportions.

The other principles are complementary:

  • To drink enough water. Rate – 30 ml per kilogram of body weight of normal, and 40 for high humidity and hot climate. Some scientists consider the water from the soups, vegetables, and tea with coffee. Simple enough for the user to know that more than 300 ml hot drinks a day and more than 1 serving of soup – excess;
  • There are regular intervals of time. Previously, it was called “the principle of fractional power,” but in 2000-e years a number of studies have confirmed that there are 5-7 times a day unless you’re a professional athlete, or suffer from a disease that does not allow you to eat significant portions. For the average person, enough to eat every 3-5 hours, but strictly at the same time not to overload the digestive organs, and to maintain a stable blood glucose level;
  • The last meal a few hours before sleep. It is necessary that nutrients could enter the blood, and the body had indeed recovered the night was “fixing” damaged during physical activity tissue, “pumped” immunity, and not engaged in digestion;
  • Moderation in eating. Overeating, a feeling of heaviness and lethargy after meals – faithful companions of obesity and excess weight. Most people should get up from the table with a sense of light starvation. The latter is not for athletes and advanced fitnessista they have to eat so much that saturation occurred, and all the planned calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates were in the body, and not just “planned”;
  • The basis of the diet – whole organic foods. Yes, about 20% of the energy can be obtained from dried fruits, properly cooked canned vegetables, and frozen meat and fish, but to cook better from whole grains, fresh vegetables, lean meat and fish that are not subjected to prolonged freezing. The inhabitants of the Northern regions should pay attention to pickled vegetables;
  • Limit simple carbohydrates. For a person engaged in physical labor, strength training in powerlifters style or sprint running, it does not matter when it is, the simple carbohydrates. For the average person it is better to “surround” their strength training, and select only fruits, dried fruits, or low-fat sweets like marshmallows. The total share of sweets in the diet should not exceed 10-20% of the caloric content. The second number is for the physically active;
  • Breakfast is better to eat. But a filling first meal of the day depends on the speed of absorption of carbohydrates. There are people who fast digesting and assimilating this food. It is not recommended Breakfast of oatmeal empty, even with fruit or honey. This is better as the first meal to eat eggs or lean meat with any boiled cereals, for example, with buckwheat;
  • A large number of fried foods is still unhealthy liver and fat metabolism disorders. That is why food for proper nutrition suggest braise, bake, and cook it on the grill, but do not fry in plenty of oil. High – roast chicken breast, or vegetables in a small amount of coconut or olive oil, and is not more a couple times a week

Useful and harmful foods for weight loss

Modern science has abandoned the concept of harmful products. Food is divided into natural and not. The last should not be more than 20% in the diet. Natural – cereals, whole grains, meat, fish, bird eggs, fish eggs, dairy products with low-fat, natural vegetable oils, butter, nuts, dried fruits, fruits, vegetables, and honey. “Dosing” for weight loss need simple carbohydrates is the dried fruits, fruits, and honey. Nuts – too limited because of the high caloric content. To eliminate the egg yolks and butter not – they contain the necessary for the synthesis of sex hormones animal fat. Girls who do not eat his face menstrual disorders, deterioration of skin, hair, nails.

Processed foods that can be eaten in the correct food is pasta from durum wheat, bread from flour, bran and “balls”. Useful to conditionally processed foods include oat cereal “Hercules” with no added sugar, buckwheat and wheat cereals, whole-grain bread.

Candy, sweets, processed foods and fast food, drinks 3 in 1 coffee with cream from a vending machine, soda, juice and alcohol should be kept to the minimum necessary. Is there any food from which to recover? Modern nutrition claims that it is not in specific products, and total caloric intake. Yes, the girl who eats Shawarma, McDonald’s, candy and coffee 3 in 1 is easier to gain weight than the one that is cooking the buckwheat bakes the chicken, and cut salads from cucumbers. But the reason is not only the quality of the food, and that it more calories per 100 g weight. With the same size portions the girl just gets more unnecessary energy.

On nutrition recommend that you exclude all of the above, fastfudnyh networks to limit salad with chicken breast or shrimp, Americano or tea without sugar, in dining rooms there is a side dish of grits and meat or fish, and the “drinking holidays” to sit closer to the meat, vegetables, and fruits.

Important: alcohol according to the norms of the who can drink two glasses of 150 ml of dry wine a week, or two bottles for 0,33 beer. But even that amount disrupts fat metabolism and liver function, because in the phase of active weight loss alcohol it is better to “give the enemy”.

Proper nutrition for weight loss menu for a week

Options of the menu two. Usually on the Internet write something like set did not correlate with each other dishes that need to cook for yourself every day. It is not required. The whole progressive world has long used the so-called “cooking block” for weight loss.

Select two days a week, usually Sunday and Wednesday. These days preparing two meat or meat and fish dish, one large dish of stewed vegetables, and cook 2-3 kinds of cereals. Next portion of “protein plus cereal”, and “protein plus vegetables” are put in the containers. It only remains to take the fruit, or chop the salad vegetables.

Menu “aesthetes” and fans of cooking every day can look like.


Morning warm up from the evening soaked in a glass of water oatmeal, add a sliced Apple and scoop of protein or cottage cheese. For lunch – a serving of meat or fish broth, stewed vegetables, grains and pasta in the form of hot meals. For dinner – braised mushrooms with vegetables, a serving of brown rice. Snacks – fruit, handful of nuts, yogurt, or cottage cheese with high protein content. You can eat a boiled egg, if that day was not scrambled eggs for Breakfast. Those who do not have protein you can add to your diet casserole


Cut into the Apple, cooked in the microwave, pull out the middle, mix with cottage cheese, add flax seeds or Chia and sweetener. Get the Breakfast. You can Supplement it with tea or coffee with cinnamon. Lunch – vegetable or fish soup, vegetable salad with whole grain bread. In a salad, put some chicken breast to make my normal protein. Dinner – baked potato, plus cottage cheese or unsalted white cheese. Eating the same menu for vegetarians, if you change the breast to soy products.


Whole grain toast for Breakfast – a great start to the day, if you add a creamy cheese, or cottage cheese and a little honey. Hungry? Eat any more salad, and drink coffee. For lunch you can cook pumpkin soup with chicken breast, and season it with a drop of butter. Dinner – fish or chicken breast with vegetable salad, broth hips without sugar, you can sweeten with hitparada.


Egg white omelet is good when added to proteins, 2 whole eggs. So, 4 protein, 2 eggs, crusty bread and a green smoothie of Apple, celery and parsley to start the day. For lunch – any chicken soup, and vegetable salad. Do not add mayonnaise to the water. Dinner – fish or seafood on a couple of baked potatoes.


Cottage cheese with fruit – Breakfast foodie, especially if the natural cheese and medium fat. You can add a teaspoon of milk and whisk everything in a blender to get a delicious cheesecake dessert. Lunch – soup with salmon or mackerel, plus a vegetable salad. Dinner – cottage cheese casserole with fruit.


Oat or buckwheat flakes with berries. You can add curd or protein for protein. Lunch – a dish of stewed or regular cauliflower, chicken meat or lean fish. Vegetable juice. Dinner – porridge from barley, beef stew without adding fat.


A glass of milk, zucchini fritters or pumpkin. Lunch – mushroom soup, and vegetable salad with the addition of corn. Dinner – grilled fish with vegetables.

Important: the snack, you can choose your own, this menu is not dogma. For effective weight loss the amount of portions you need to calculate based on daily energy needs

How to organize a proper nutrition for weight loss?

The rate of weight loss should not exceed 1 kg per week. It is necessary to calculate the calorie and PFC to drop from 500 to 1000 g per week. Usually this is achieved by reducing daily calories by 200-300 kcal from energy needs. In calorie counters such as “fat secret” to choose “slow weight loss”. Higher rates will lead to weight loss due to muscle mass. This increases the risk of osteoporosis, significantly impairs the appearance of the shape and slows the metabolism. If you continue to lose weight too quickly to maintain weight loss will need to eat very little. It is difficult, therefore, to recover after a strict diet.

Proper nutrition for weight loss – not a diet. To sit for a week, drain the kilogram of water, and then return to the fast food restaurant will not work. You need to stick to such a diet is about 12-15 weeks to seriously reduce weight. Then the weight of the support. Added to the diet 1-2 servings of grains or bread, and the rest from the caloric deficit. If you want to continue losing weight, go back to it in a few months.

A proper diet must accompany a feasible exercise. Who recommends half an hour of aerobic activity every day. Healthy women need to add strength work weight loss or resistance training to maintain metabolic rate at a good level.

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