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Mens Physique Steve Cook joins The Biggest Loser

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The Biggest Loser (“The Biggest Loser”) – one of the most popular reality shows, has won the hearts of fans and inspired millions to take their physical condition seriously. Many people were inspired by the stories and participants in this show to choose the path to health and well-being. As we enter the new decade, The Biggest Loser hopes to “shake things up” and add some new blood to bring a whole new energy to the show.

IFBB Pro athlete in the Men's Physique category, Stephen Cook, joins The Biggest Loser to share his diet and exercise experience with new entrants striving to radically change their lives. A popular athlete seeks to help others achieve their ultimate fitness goals and he brings this desire and energy to the Biggest Loser TV program.

It seems that The Biggest Loser franchise seeks to revitalize the long-term series and bring new and fresh ideas to its successful formula. The USA premiere on January 28 will undoubtedly attract new and old fans of the show. With the addition of Steve Cook to the team, there is no doubt that the participants in the TV competitions will take on an amazing form and will be able to make their fitness dreams come true!
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@SteveCook has a passion for fitness and he's helping others do the same. Are you ready to go all in with Steve and Team Blue? 💪💙 #BiggestLoser

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