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Men’s fitness: the effectiveness of running for weight loss

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Men’s fitness: the effectiveness of running for weight loss
The contents

  • What is the danger of lack of physical activity?
  • How to start a healthy lifestyle?
  • Use fitness workouts based on running and tips for their implementation
  • What time of day to jog to lose weight?
  • Tips for beginners

The rhythm of life of most people today often forces them to not very mobile way of life. A large amount of time is spent in the chair in front of the computer, Hiking become a rarity, and improper diet only worsens the situation. All this leads to the fact that the topic of weight loss has become relevant not only for women but also for men.

What is the danger of lack of physical activity?

Today many men takes place in the following scenario.

The morning starts with hastily prepared a Breakfast (not always useful) and strong coffee. Next — travel by vehicle to and from work. Working day for the most part takes place in a sitting position, and after its completion should be the way home (again, by car or public transport). House absorbed a hearty dinner, after which the pastime in front of the TV on a comfortable sofa.

It is not surprising that this way of life, a man slowly but surely begins to gain weight. Lack of exercise needed to maintain themselves in good shape, makes health less robust, and the immune system is less resistant to adverse external factors. The problem with excess weight is often accompanied by difficulty breathing and awkward movements, pain in joints, increase in cholesterol in the blood.

How to start a healthy lifestyle?

The best thing you can do is bring to life a sport. But what about people who have a tight schedule, but on the full training time is running out? In this case, start with simple Jogging for which you do not need any sports equipment and special equipment. And most importantly — running will take you not much time, as exercise in the fitness club (which also need to get), and will not require special financial expenses.

Use fitness workouts based on running and tips for their implementation

Even a simple jog allows you to work out major muscle groups, increasing blood circulation and providing oxygenation to all organs and tissues. Such aerobic physical activity accompanied by profuse sweating due to the body toxins and toxins. Especially running is good for smokers, as it helps to active cleanse the lungs.

Also improving blood circulation in the pelvic area is a positive impact on sexual activity. And produced during a workout, testosterone helps normalize the reproductive system, thus regulating the spermatogenesis.

Not to mention that thanks to Jogging more than they really need to get rid of excess weight. It is most efficient to combine running with strength training: so you in a short time will achieve good results. Providing weight loss, treadmill training will further contribute to the reduction of cholesterol in the blood, accelerate metabolism, improve intestinal motility and relieve the elevated feelings of hunger.

Many people mistakenly believe that to lose weight need to run exclusively at a fast pace. You need to understand that fitness training such a plan are a little different. During the first 30-40 minutes of Jogging, the body uses reserves of carbohydrates, derived from food, and only then begins the process of “burning” fat. If due to body or health to run for a long period of time for you is not possible, alternate running with fast walking.

What time of day to jog to lose weight?

The ideal time for Jogging is considered the morning. Scientists have proved that people involved in sports in the first half of the day, you get used to physical activity at an accelerated pace. In the evening (especially after a hard day) is quite difficult to force myself to get out of the house, and then also to run for 40 minutes. So fans of the fitness in the second half of the day, it often happens that over time refuse undertaking regular Jogging.

Due to the morning run, you not only recharge themselves with energy, but will accelerate the metabolic processes in the body that is responsible for the weight loss. Thus your appetite will increase, and when after 30-40 minutes after running, you will need to eat Breakfast, start your day with healthy food that metabolizes in full. Food intake will speed up recovery and thus have a positive impact on the productivity of the next run.

But what if your work day starts at 6-7 am, and that in the confusion of the morning routine to have time to do a run, you have to get up almost at night? In this case, her conduct in the evening hours is the only option. Evening jog is not different this performance, like the morning, but it has its advantages, manifested in:

  • stress relief after a working day;
  • ensuring a healthy and sound sleep;
  • eliminate back pain caused by being in a sitting position;
  • improving the functioning of the organs of the pelvis.

Remember that any fitness training should be conducted at least 2 hours before bedtime: physical activity from Jogging stimulates the production of adrenaline and noradrenaline, which interferes with the normal night sleep. The best time for Jogging in the evening time is considered the interval from 18:00 to 19:00.

Tips for beginners

While Jogging it is recommended to stick to a certain technique that will increase the effectiveness of the training. So, try:

  • to avoid high jumps up;
  • not to run on the toes;
  • send the gaze forward, making sure that the head was not descended too low;
  • keep the hands bent at the elbows.

If you’re exercising to lose weight, don’t fill up before you run — this will slow down the process of fat burning. To run was easy and comfortable, you can make a light snack half an hour before the sprint eating 1 fruit or a small serving of low fat cottage cheese.

During cross-country pursuits to be aware of equipment of your breath. To do this, pick up the pace, keep it smooth and quiet. These measures will help to reduce the load on the heart and blood vessels, increasing simultaneously the flow of oxygen in the body.

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