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Men’s fitness: the best basic exercises in the gym

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Men’s fitness: the best basic exercises in the gym

The contents

  • To fit the basic exercises
  • Advantages of training on the basis of mnogosloinykh exercises
  • Rules power of fitness in the hall
  • Basic exercises for the whole body
  • Training plan for beginners

When a young athlete comes to the gym, he wants quick and visible results. To do this, beginners can focus too much on isolation exercises, considering them more effective. However, at the initial stage of a correctly written underlying the complex will be much more effective for building muscle mass.

To fit the basic exercises

The base, or mnogocwetnye exercises involve one muscle group, and just how much. In some of these bundles works almost the entire body. Plus training on the basic tasks is that they suit people of different body type and level of training. Beginners will appreciate their efficiency in achieving their main goal — a gradual strengthening of the muscles and the development of technology. Experienced athletes can use this type of training is in a period of declining loads.

This approach is good for those who have no time for intensive training of individual muscle groups. In this case the resulting load contributes to the harmonious development of the whole body.

Advantages of training on the basis of mnogosloinykh exercises

The advantages of the power of fitness with basic exercises include the following features:

  • classes of this type metabolism;
  • power loading promotes the growth of endurance, muscle strength, coordination of movements;
  • study of the muscles occurs uniformly and symmetrically;
  • basic exercises contribute to the formation of testosterone, which directly affects the speed of muscle growth;
  • strength training this type are quite energy efficient so they allow you to quickly get rid of excess subcutaneous fat.

Rules power of fitness in the hall

To do exercises on power machines are more productive will help the observance of a few simple rules.

  • It is necessary to train 3-4 times a week.
  • To start training, you must warm-up to prepare the ligaments, joints and muscles for the upcoming workload and make the lesson more effective. Warm-up complex may consist of Jogging. You can perform several exercises from the main part of the workout without weights.
  • Beginners it is sufficient to include a set of 1-3 basic element of the main groups of muscles.
  • As used weights dumbbells and barbell. The weight is chosen individually, but always in such a way that the final repetition of the latter was given to hard.
  • A beginner can perform 2-3 sets of 10-12 times. The growth of skill, you can increase the number of jobs, sets and repetitions.
  • Rest between sets should be no more than 90 seconds for the deadlift — 3 minutes.
  • In order not to get injured, and to reduce the load, it is important to follow the technique of performing the item. Not worth chasing number of repetitions at the expense of clarity of movement.
  • To reduce pain after strenuous fitness training by ending the occupation of the hitch and stretching. This part of the training helps the development of flexibility and reduces the amount of lactic acid in muscles that causes unpleasant feelings.
  • Basic exercises for the whole body

    Although mnogosloinykh exercises work several muscle groups, there is a part that receives more substantial load than others. By incorporating a few of these tasks into a training program, you can work out from the entire body.

    • The muscles of the back.

    Thrust in the slope:

  • stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent;
  • the barbell put on the floor in front of you, bend over, take hold of the neck;
  • to raise the bar, it is not a break: the arms straight, the torso angle is not more than 30°;
  • to tighten the neck to the waist: the movement must be due to the strength of the back muscles;
  • to give up.
  • Deadlifts:

  • the original pose is the same as in the previous exercise;
  • bend to the bar, legs slightly bend, back bend in the lower back;
  • to take up the neck wide grip;
  • straighten up, sliding his rod in feet;
  • lower the neck.
    • The pectoral muscles.

    The bench press:

  • performed lying on a bench, legs resting on the floor;
  • take a straight bar wide grip and position on the chest;
  • straighten your arms, pause;
  • slowly lower the bar without touching the shell of the chest.
  • Changing the angle of the bench can vary the load on the pectoral regions.

    Pushups: a basic variation elements are to be taken from the floor, contributes to the development of the upper body. Newbie enough to do push-UPS in 5-12 times.

    • The muscles of the shoulders.

    Breeding dumbbells:

  • stand straight with feet a little wider apart, hands with dumbbells are hanging along the body, elbows slightly bent;
  • gradually diluted with dumbbells in hand;
  • keep your back straight, pause at the top;
  • to give up.
  • The military press:

  • sit on a bench with a backrest;
  • positioning a dumbbell at shoulder level, arms bent at the elbows, palms to deploy from myself;
  • straighten arms up;
  • return to the starting position.
    • Press.


  • running in push-up position: straight arms just under the shoulder joints;
  • legs straight, toes resting on the floor;
  • the body from shoulders to toe is stretched in a straight line;
  • to hold the pose must be from 10 to 60 seconds.
  • Simpler options — plank on knees or with the assistance of the forearm. Advanced athletes use a more complex variation of the bar: dynamic side, with a raised foot or hand.

    The leg lifts on the bar:

  • performed in vis: the legs should be raised to a right angle with the body;
  • slowly exhale, lower limbs.
  • Side twisting:

  • lie on the floor, legs bent at the knees, hands behind head, elbows divorced in hand;
  • to perform twisting of the casing to stretch the elbow to the opposite knee;
  • get down on the floor;
  • repeat in the other direction (run at a fast pace).
    • Arm muscles (biceps and triceps).

    Bending of hands on a biceps:

  • to sit on a bench to take in hand the dumbbell reverse grip;
  • bend your arm at the elbow;
  • straighten, lower the dumbbell.
  • Reverse pushups:

  • to get back to the bench, lean on her hands.
  • case to lower, straighten your legs in front of you;
  • bend your arms at the elbows to lower body;
  • straighten arms.
  • French bench press:

  • lie on the bench face up, feet resting on the floor;
  • hands with the rod to straighten up at chest level;
  • slowly bend your elbows, lower the projectile head;
  • to raise the bar.
      • The close grip pullups: are performed on the crossbar with the distance between your hands no more than 5 cm. Beginners can catch up in the gravitron.

        • The muscles of the legs and buttocks.

        For the squats. They help to pump not only the legs, buttocks, but also the press. The Griffon is located on the upper back and shoulders. You can start, squatting with a blank fretboard, gradually increasing the load.

        Training plan for beginners

        Muscle growth provide increasing power load. It should give the muscle fibers to recover. Therefore, the optimal schedule when the fitness exercise is practiced through the day. In this case the weekly plan will include three days of training.

        Day 1:

        • dumbbell bench press lying — 3 sets of 12 times;
        • bench press — 4 sets 6-8 times;
        • the military press — 3 sets / 10-12 times;
        • lift leg raises — 3 sets / 10-12 times;
        • reverse pushups — 3 sets of 10-12 times.

        Day 2:

        • deadlifts — 5 sets of 5-12 times;
        • thrust in the slope — 4 sets for 8-10 times;
        • pullups wide grip — 4 times muscle to failure;
        • bending of hands on a biceps — 3 sets of 10-12 times.

        Day 3:

        • the leg press — 4 sets 10-20 times;
        • squats — 5 sets of 3-12 times;
        • rise on socks standing — 4 sets of 15-40 times.

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