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Men’s fitness: stretching exercises

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Men’s fitness: stretching exercises
The contents

  • Principal extensions and their use
  • The home stretch: advice to men
  • A set of exercises for the legs

There is a stereotype that stretching is a feminine form of fitness. Actually, men do some stretches no less useful than women. They might even need to perform special stretching exercises, because compared to women they have by nature less flexible body. Let us consider how to deal with stretch men and what exercises are best to use.

Principal extensions and their use

Stretching can be practiced at home and in the gym. To perform stretching exercises is almost not required sports equipment. Home stretch is enough to buy a soft Mat for fitness, to make it easier to perform exercises while sitting or lying down. In training stretching can be used resistance bands, exercise balls and other assistive devices. But you can do without them, especially at first.

Gym stretching exercises are a complement to the basic training. They discover the strength training and finish it. Warm up is commonly used dynamic stretching. It combines active movement with stretching of the muscles, which are made smoothly with increasing amplitude. In the extreme point set position for a while is fixed. Using dynamic stretching to prepare muscles, joints and tendons to training. It increases the effectiveness of strength exercises and reduce the risk of injury.

Static stretches are used to relax the muscles. It runs as follows: the trainee adopts a stretched position and holds it motionless for some time, usually 30 seconds. Such a stretching make at the end of strength training to work on shortened muscles and remove from them the accumulated tension. Performing stretching exercises after exercise can reduce muscle pain and accelerate the recovery of the body after heavy loads.

Stretching exercises provide a good relaxation of muscles after intense physical training. At least for this reason, they should become a compulsory part of men’s training. But it is better not to consider stretching only as a Supplement to other types of exercise, and to allocate it a separate workout. Regular home stretching makes the body flexible, and relieves muscle clips, revitalizes joints and extends the range of motion.

The home stretch: advice to men

If static stretching exercises are not performed after strength training, but as a separate set of exercises, you need to start with warm-up. It will take 10-15 minutes. The warm up can be a standard:

  • cardio (running, stationary bike, jumping);
  • articular exercises;
  • small complex restorative exercises (squats, bends, turns case, etc.).

Stretched posture is recommended to keep at least 30 seconds. It is believed that this duration of stretching exercises makes them quite effective. But beginners can start with 10-15 seconds with each exercise to increase the duration of stretching for a few seconds.

Exercises should not be painful. In the process of training will feel the tension of muscles, but severe pain should not be. The first lesson is not to stretch as much. The amplitude should be increased gradually, otherwise you can injure the muscles, ligaments or tendons. Movement while stretching should be smooth and slow, without jerks. If the exercises dynamic stretching, you need to make soft, springy movement, and closely monitor their amplitude.

It is advisable to do stretching continuously to all the time keep up the good flexibility of the body. To maintain the level of flexibility sufficient to stretch 1-2 times a week. To significantly improve flexibility, range of stretching exercises you need to perform 3-4 times a week, placing every workout for 20 minutes. The first tangible results should appear in about a month of regular trainings.

A set of exercises for the legs

Consider a few stretching exercises for the legs that you can perform at home:

  • Take a standing position. Lift one leg, grasp it with your hand. Pull your knee as close to your chest. Keep this pose for 30 seconds, then release the leg and bend it back. Clutching at the foot, pull the heel close to the buttock. Again hold for 30 seconds. Repeat the same with the other leg.
  • Sitting on a Mat, bend your knees and clasp your foot. Slide the heel to the pelvis. Try to lower the knees as low to the floor. You can help yourself by pushing the feet elbows. Perform each exercise for 30-45 seconds.
  • Sitting on the floor, spread your straightened legs to the side until it stops. Bend over and reach arms forward, trying to lower the body as low as possible to the floor.
  • Set forward right foot and bend it at the knee. Another leg down on the floor, then lift your lower leg up and grasp the foot with your right hand. Body turn to the right. Count the required 30 seconds.
  • Again, do a lunge the right leg and the left knee down on the floor. Then put hands on the floor, leaning forward. Straighten the right leg, pull the foot for themselves. Bend as low as possible to the leg.
  • This set of exercises for the legs. It can be used to increase the range of motion in the hip and knee joints, improve elasticity of muscles of hips and legs, stretch hamstrings. But need to pay attention to and other parts of the body. The home stretch should provide a comprehensive study of all groups of muscles.

    For stretching the neck, you can perform tilts to the side. For this you need to put on the opposite side of the head and gently tilt it to the shoulder. To stretch the muscles of the shoulder girdle, you need one hand to get the head and another behind your back, and try to connect them to the castle. To stretch the oblique muscles of the abdomen are performed tilts to the side, working out the back — a variety of deflections.

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