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Men’s fitness: how to choose the right shoes for training

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Men’s fitness: how to choose the right shoes for training
The contents

  • General requirements for men shoes for fitness
  • Selection of shoes for intense exercise
  • Selection of footwear depending on the kind of fitness

Sports style has long conquered the world of High fashion and became its integral part. In sneakers and shoes shod even those men who in life were holding a dumbbell and not Jogging in the mornings. This current trend has infiltrated even in the conservative world of men’s fashion. But actively revives the cult of a healthy lifestyle, the popularity of fitness, strength exercises, any other exercising in the gym return gym clothes and shoes in my true purpose.

Fitness classes require shoes not only and not so much of following fashion trends. Well-chosen outfit — it’s a huge part of success in sports achievements. Full-time job in the audience connected with a huge load (especially on the foot and ankle). To take it without injury it helps the right shoes for the gym.

General requirements for men shoes for fitness

If there is significant exercise the right shoes should provide optimal distribution on the feet and spine, as well as reliable natural position of the feet and ankle. This reduces the risk of injury and increases the level of security classes.

It is believed that fitness activities, the men best suited sneakers. They are already well proven in gyms and are presented in a large number of modifications from the most famous brands — Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, etc.

But, first of all, decide the size. Experts recommend men for intense sessions to choose running shoes size up. The reason is that considerable physical stress sometimes leads to slight swelling of feet and ankles. To maintain a comfortable feeling before the end of the exercise, the shoes should have some margin in size.

Not by chance in the rules of conduct of the majority of halls it is stated that visitors should certainly exercise in closed shoes. This is the most important requirement. Proper running shoes should have a durable reinforced insert in the area of the ankles, fingers and heels. Thus protected sensitive areas of the foot from damage when accidentally fallen hard shell.

Whatever form of fitness you choose, it involves vigorous movement. To reduce the risk of injuries, you should choose shoes with laces. Moreover, before any training, it needs to be tightly laced to lock the legs.

Selection of shoes for intense exercise

Features of physiology should also be considered when selecting footwear for training. In the male body higher levels of testosterone than in women. This leads to the fact that even light loads fitness gives increased sweating. Hence the need to choose sneakers with the most effective ventilation. If they don’t “breathe”, profuse sweating during exercise quickly enough, causing an unpleasant smell, and with it the discomfort.

To serve the same purpose and a special removable insole. They give the opportunity to without difficulty get rid of the unpleasant smell of shoes if it has already appeared. Just remove them and simply wash. In addition, the insole for intensive loads quickly wear out. Instead of buying a new pair of rather expensive high-quality sneakers simply purchase new insoles to replace.

Hygiene helps you to maintain and correct the material from which made shoes themselves. It is desirable that it have the property to repel dust (including chalk, which at the gym a lot). Indeed, in our view, the fitness is always beautiful aesthetic spectacle. You should not spoil his sloppy worn shoes.

Selection of footwear depending on the kind of fitness

Today fitness is a variety of types of activity. Depending on what kind you prefer, should choose and shoes. Since men can alternate or combine various types of activity, it is possible to buy not only one pair of shoes with different characteristics.

Men, of course, primarily a close weight training. To make fitness fun and give the expected result, shoes must have a corrugated anti-slip sole, which in heels is expanding. Also, the sneakers should be rigid, strong frame and reinforced heel. They take on a significant load and help avoid injury. Thickening in the heel increases stability and reduces the risk of loss of balance.

If the athlete focuses on powerlifting or weight-lifting classes, it is advisable to additionally purchase so-called weightlifting shoes. They came to the fitness of weightlifting. Such specialized shoes ensures effective adhesion to the surface of the floor or platform and rigidly fixes the foot, which reduces injury risk, because physical activity with implementation of elements of powerlifting is very large.

Among men popular and cardio. The soles of such sneakers for gym must be three-component. This leads to increased damping effect. This type of training has lots of jumps and lunges. A special type of sole to reduce stress on the joints, knees and ankle. While the top of the sneaker should fit snugly to the feet, that there was no chance to accidentally twist an ankle.

The more you exercise, the tighter should be the sole. However, it should still be elastic and, possibly, low weight. Shoes should help with training, and not to create additional difficulties.

If a man prefers a versatile workout, without explicitly referring to any particular type, you can choose a universal type of sneakers. They are suitable for virtually any form of sports activity. They differ slightly inflated shaft with thick banding at the back. Sole has medium density, but the structure of the multilayer. Due to the built-in springs, gel inserts or special gas cushions are provided with appropriate cushioning. Also for universal men shoes for fitness valid sole micropores. The optimum level of sustainability is created due to the fact that the toe part is wide enough. Comfort ensures a tight lacing and top that is fully or partially made of special “breathable” mesh. Also a universal option — leather (both artificial and natural) or textiles.

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