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Men’s fitness: home fitness for the development of the biceps

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Men’s fitness: home fitness for the development of the biceps
The contents

  • Example of home fitness classes
  • Additional exercises for the biceps with a barbell
  • Practical tips for beginners in fitness training

Developed biceps shoulders make this part of the male body more attractive, and the whole figure is more masculine. Significant results in increasing the volume of the biceps can be achieved by regularly doing strength exercises in the gym or at home if the opportunity to visit a professional fitness room is missing.

Example of home fitness classes

Beginners in fitness training with a low level of physical fitness for strengthening the biceps to perform push-UPS, a classic technique which involves bringing the torso to the floor from push-up position by bending the elbows. The species diversity of this basic bodyweight exercises allows men with any degree of development of muscles to tone the muscles of the chest, upper extremities and total shoulder girdle, thereby greatly improving physical fitness.

However, to stimulate active growth of the biceps muscle of one shoulder, even a high intensity, your weight is not enough, because the muscles efficiently develop only when carrying out gym with weights. The most effective in the process of increasing the weight of biceps muscle shoulder include the following training dynamics:

  • Bending the elbows with dumbbells.

Technically, this exercise is straightforward, therefore, to master it will not be difficult for even the most inexperienced fitness enthusiasts. To perform these flexion needed to sit with straight back on chair or sofa. Holding a dumbbell lower grip, bring them to a distance of 20 cm from the shoulders. Exhaling, straighten the upper limb and repeat flexion 3 sets of 12 times. For a variety of home fitness workouts flexion can be performed on weight or emphasis an elbow to the thigh. Regardless of which option you select, you should follow the slow pace of work.

  • “Hammer”.

Stand up straight, hold the dumbbells along the side of the thighs. On the inhale you want to bend one upper limb and bring the head of the projectile to the shoulder joint. Pausing for a second in this position, gently lower the dumbbell to the starting. Repeat the exercise with the other hand. All you need to perform 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions for each upper limb. To increase the load on the biceps, you should bend both the hands.

  • Flexion with dumbbells sitting in an inclined position.

In the gym, this exercise is performed on a slant jimboy the bench. At home you can if you want to build a similar construct or operate, for example, in the recliner. You need to sit down so that the body was reclined 30-45 degrees, take the dumbbells and hang them on the straight hands. Further mainly, you should bend one arm and bring the projectile to the shoulder, turning your wrist in climbing towards the torso. Exhaling during the period of maximum intensity of the load, lower the dumbbell. All you need to do 15 repetitions with each arm 3 approaches.

  • Pullups with additional weight.

To perform this exercise, you first need to pin to the waist, a special belt-weighting or wear on the belly of a backpack filled with heavy objects. Next, you need to hang on the bar, holding his crossbar forward or reverse grip (the fingers are directed to the body or away from it respectively). Breathing, stress muscles to raise the torso to the level at which the chin is in line with the horizontal bar. Exhaling, move on to the negative phase of this element of fitness training, involving the straightening of the elbows. The recommended number of repetitions — 3 sets / 10 times, but, depending on the degree of muscle development, this number may decrease or increase. If the level of physical fitness does not allow you to catch up with the weights, it is necessary to work without the additional weight, including pull-UPS in the complex weight based on the push-UPS.

Additional exercises for the biceps with a barbell

As weights in the home gym more convenient to use dumbbells and weights, but in some cases the first time while working a weight is relatively small, use of improvised heavy. Subsequently, of course, it is recommended to purchase high quality sports equipment.

If someone can afford to have a home bar with struts, then work with this shell it is necessary to include in fitness training, carrying with him the following motion:

  • Bending with a barbell.

Standing straight and holding the barbell reverse grip, you should inhale by bending elbow to bring the fingerboard to the top of the chest. At this stage it is necessary to make a short pause in the exercise. Exhaling, smoothly lower the rod. Repeat flexion to 12 times in each of the 3 sets. By performing this movement training strength training fitness, we have to fix the shoulders near the body, working exclusively in the elbow joints.

  • Flexion of the elbow in the sitting position using a bench Scott.

To sit on the bench and rest the shoulders to a stand, holding the barbell reverse medium grip. On the inhale bend the elbows, raising the barbell, and exhale to lower it to the starting position. Repeat 3 sets of 12 flexion.

Practical tips for beginners in fitness training

To fitness classes conducted in a home environment, efficiency is not inferior to working out at the gym, it is necessary for their organization to use the advice of professional instructors:

  • to work the target muscle should be only after a good warm-up. Otherwise, the efficiency and safety of exercise will be minimal;
  • you must train regularly, but not more than 3 times a week because muscles need time to recover;
  • when choosing a working weight you must first focus on the lighter shells. And then, having determined in practice that the selected weight is easy, you can gradually enlarge;
  • for active growth of muscle should stick to protein-carbohydrate diet.

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