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Men’s fitness: exercises to develop leg muscles

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Men’s fitness: exercises to develop leg muscles
The contents

  • Basic exercises for legs
  • Fitness workout with squats
  • Exercises with dumbbells
  • Front squats with the stamp
  • Squats on the Smith machine
  • Training on gakk-car
  • The leg press
  • Classic attacks
  • Isolated physical activity

All the exercises for the legs men perform not only for aesthetic, athletic appearance to the lower limbs, but also to increase their power. However, not all representatives of the stronger sex know why you should start your fitness training. Meanwhile, there are many varieties of physical exercise that you can perform at home and in the gym: use of exercise equipment and weight bearing.

Basic exercises for legs

A basic set of exercises usually includes several varieties of squats, lunges and presses with feet. All these classic physical activity do not allow us to achieve stunning results, as develop several muscle groups simultaneously. However, for beginners like fitness training required: they will allow to master the correct technique of execution of movements.

Fitness workout with squats

Squats — the standard exercise for areas of the feet. The main task of squats — increasing the volume and strength of calf and thigh muscles. With proper technique, the exercise will actively engage the triceps muscles of the hips, gluteal muscles, hamstring and sometimes even your back muscles.

Exercises with dumbbells

Physical exercise with dumbbells ideal for those athletes who have problems with the spine. Exercise not only strengthens the back muscles, but also working on legs. The working weight is in the hands of men, not on the back, which further eliminates the possibility of a sudden injury.

Take a dumbbell in each hand, lower them along the body, spread the legs hip distance apart. On the inhale lower the pelvis by bending the knees, keep a straight posture. Squat until the shells aren’t on the same level with the calves. Hold the point of tension for 5-10 seconds. Then on the exhale return to the starting position. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps.

At first fitness workouts with dumbbells it is recommended to use the shells for 5 kg. Over time, the load can be increased.

Front squats with the stamp

Effective exercise for men, aimed at the elaboration of the zone of the feet. The barbell placed on the chest, making the physical load is shifted to the target muscles. Also in this position the neck will not have a detrimental impact on the spine.

Take the shell, place the fingerboard on top of the chest. Keep the bottom shell with your hands, pivoted crosswise. Foot position slightly wider than the hips, toes apart in opposite directions, the chin lift. On the inhale lower the pelvis together with the body down, exhale return to starting position. Great exercise works the quads. Do item in 3 sets of 15 reps.

Squats on the Smith machine

Effective physical exercise for the feet is performed in the simulator Smith. Since the device is quite heavy and bulky for home fitness workouts, work on it more realistically in the gym.

Trainer Smith has a big advantage: he controls the movement of the working load, whereby the athlete does not need to worry about the maintaining balance.

Lift the neck of the simulator to the shoulder area, stand back to him and grasp hold of the shell a little wider than your shoulder line. Feet slide forward. On the inhale lower the pelvis down in a straight path. Stoop to the maximum limit for yourself until you feel strong tension in the target muscles of the legs. Then on the exhale return to the starting position. Do 3-4 set of 15 reps.

In the course of performing exercises are not involved muscles-the stabilizers of the foot as the machine itself monitors the weight and movement of cargo. To work out the stabilizers and the extensors of the legs it is better to apply to the target set of exercises.

Training on gakk-car

Men’s fitness workout for legs almost can not do without gakk-car. Exercises on this device is extremely effective for the calf muscles.

Stand in the trainer, grab the handles, shoulder press for rollers. On the inhale down to the limit, exhale — return to start position. Repeat the exercise 3-4 sets of 12 repetitions.

The leg press

The leg press is good for developing muscles of the lower extremities and helps to increase leg strength.

Lie down on the trainer feet position on the platform. On the inhale bend them to the point, while the hip area is not about to rise up. On the exhale take the starting position. During exercise keep your head from the surface, not to change the amplitude and speed of movements. Make 5-6 sets of 15 reps.

Classic attacks

This exercise can also be done at home: it does not require professional equipment and larger spaces, but at the same time as efficient as possible. The exercise effectively works the quadriceps, gluteal muscles, and hamstring. Men as a complication, it is recommended to use a dumbbell or kettlebell with a weight of 5 kg.

Stand straight with feet together together. On the inhale, follow the same foot step forward, the other leg pull back and keep focus on it. Both of the legs the angle between the knee and Shin should be 90 degrees. On the exhale take the starting position and do the exercise with support on the other leg. Do 3 sets for 12 reps.

Isolated physical activity

This is a separate category of physical activity, aimed at the development of specific muskulaturnoy groups. As a rule, basic fitness training they have received little attention. These include the calf muscles, the muscles-stabilizers and extensors, and small muscles, no study of which relief feet will not seem attractive.

To develop these areas of the feet, you can perform the exercises in the following options:

  • lifting on socks with gripping on the heel and additional weights;
  • squat to toes;
  • jumping on the toes;
  • riding a stationary bike with a maximum voltage of the calf area.

The legs is considered to be one of the most difficult to study. And all because this part of the body put a huge number of small muscles, which difficult to develop only the basic exercises. However, special training and target training systems will help to improve the area, strengthen leg muscles and develop their strength.

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