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Men’s fitness: basic rules of weight loss

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Men’s fitness: basic rules of weight loss

Men’s fitness is the perfect solution to the problems of men who want to get rid of extra pounds, become leaner and more confident. After all, not only women but men also try to find a universal way to lose weight.

Any person subject to the laws of nature and the law of conservation of energy, so for each of us way to lose weight one: to combine physical activity and proper nutrition. But you need to remember about the features of their gender.

Features men’s fitness

Features of metabolism and hormonal levels cause fat in men begins to be deposited primarily in the abdomen and in internal organs (on the great seal, for example). Most men with increasing abdominal volume starts to swing press, that is not entirely true.

Men by nature well-developed muscles, so men’s fitness for weight loss should begin with aerobic exercise. But do not just run a long distance. With a large number of excess weight with heavy aerobic exercise are dangerous and can lead to diseases of the cardiovascular system and cause diseases of the joints.

During the first few sessions to give your body to get used to the new loads it is better to replace the running walk with a gradual increase of pace, ride a bike or relax in the pool. You should always climb using ladders and refuse to transport for traveling short distances. Water load is particularly useful, because they help to relieve stress on the spine and joints of the lower extremities.

After a while, when the weight decrease and the body gets used to regular workouts, is to start strongly to fitness. From this moment, men’s fitness needs to include strength exercises.

Moderate strength training helps muscle growth, enhance libido and to improve the appearance of men. This is due to the increase in the quantity of testosterone produced by during loading. Experts advise to include in the class of functional exercises that strengthen the core muscles.

Features nutrition for men

Diet for men easy. Must be based on the General principles of nutrition: to give up alcoholic drinks, starchy foods and sweets to reduce fat intake and increase the amount of useful fiber.

The correct solution is to increase the number of meals to 5 by reduction of serving sizes. The basis of the diet should take lean meats, lean fish, green vegetables and fresh fruits with low sugar content.

A combination of proper nutrition and the right amount of physical activity will help a man to improve your appearance and confidence in their abilities.

Effective diet for men

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