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Men’s fitness: a set of exercises in the gym

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Men’s fitness: a set of exercises in the gym

The contents

  • Recommendations for beginners
  • The cardio program for weight loss at the gym
  • Exercises for tightening problem areas and strengthen the muscles
  • Mode of physical activity

Not all men visit gyms only in order to gain muscle mass. Many representatives of the stronger sex the main purpose of sports is losing weight and getting the body muscles in tone. Home fitness training is convenient to save time, however, they deprive the athlete of many possibilities.

The main advantage of using the gym have a huge amount of variety of equipment. With their help, you can enjoy not only the mode of cardio, but according to the program of the power complex, which will bring up the most problematic areas. As a rule, exercise in the fitness center, watching the instructor or coach. A specialist will always help to make the right program to lose weight, correct technique of performing elements and give valuable recommendations for effective getting rid of excess weight.

Recommendations for beginners

To fitness workout to get rid of excess pounds have passed the most productive, beginners will need to consider some important nuances.

  • Before the training, consult a physician to determine the presence or absence of contraindications and limitations to vigorous physical activity.
  • Prior to the training please contact your coach to compile a correct program of strength and aerobic exercise appropriate to your schedule of classes. Spend fitness workout regularly, not skipping days and not breaking sport mode.
  • Perform cardio exercise, but also power elements. A variety of physical exercise will allow you to evenly work all areas of the body and at the same time to start the process of weight reduction. After a course of training you will receive not just slender, but strong, hardy body.
  • Weight loss usually aktiviziruyutsya after 40 minutes of aerobic work, so the best time cardio – at least 50 but not more than 70 minutes. It is proved that after 80 minutes of aerobic training the body as energy begins to use muscle tissue, not body fat that adversely affects health and appearance.
  • Before starting any exercise, perform a warm-up to warm up the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and after the main complex hitch for the correct completion of training.
  • In order to process fat burning is not long, the physical strain is necessary to continuously combine, rotate and zoom. Similar fiznagruzki often lead to training stagnation and reduce the success of regular exercise. The very load you need to increase and complicate, slowly adding to the exercise routine 3-5 minutes of cardio and 2-3 repeat in the schedule of force elements.

    Often diversify training complex types of exercises. Add weights, complicate technique, experiment with the duration of loads. This is especially important for men who’ve already disposed of a large part of the excess weight and need to tighten loose skin and strengthening of muscle tissue.

    The cardio program for weight loss at the gym

    Aerobic physical activity in the gym involves work on the cardio machines, and other dynamic activity, which makes more frequent pulse. In an effective fat burning Supplement for men includes:

    • training on a treadmill;
    • the load on the elliptical trainer (stepper);
    • exercise on the rowing cardio machine;
    • training on a stationary bike.

    You want to work on these simulators for 10-15 minutes. You can use them all, but you can choose a pair of the most comfortable and suitable for the load, and engage them for 40-45 minutes if overall endurance allows you to keep a pace.

    In order to vary your cardiorespiratory training for weight loss, Supplement lessons on the cardio equipment can be and aerobic-anaerobic loads:

    • pull-UPS on the crossbar;
    • push-UPS;
    • the squats with the weights (barbell, dumbbells);
    • the hyperextension on flat bench;
    • step aerobics.

    Exercises for tightening problem areas and strengthen the muscles

    Many men mistakenly believe that for weight loss you only have to perform cardio. However, the power fiznagruzki as important as aerobic. Cardio activity start the main loop of the weight loss, speeding up the heart rate, blood circulation, gas exchange and breakdown of fat cells.

    The power physical exercise is aimed at getting rid of local fat deposits and additionally helps to develop muscle and tighten loose skin, rendering it an aesthetic appearance.

    Among the most effective physical training for men at the gym are:

    • presses the bar from chest;
    • press the neck to the belt;
    • the rise of the projectile from the head;
    • deadlifts;
    • different types of squats;
    • jerks and jolts weights;
    • press the pair of shells on a flat bench;
    • flexion and extension muscles of the legs and arms in the gym;
    • complicated push-UPS (on fists, on the weights and Ganesh, with a raised foot or hand);
    • pullups on the bar with the weights;
    • vertical thrust block in the simulator;
    • press the neck lying.

    Mode of physical activity

    In order to enhance weight loss, you must follow the clear mode fitness training. And power, and aerobic exercises have different schedules as different effects on the human body.

    For weight loss enough to do 4 times a week: 2 days (e.g. Monday and Thursday) is allocated to cardio the other 2 days (eg Tuesday and Friday) – to power exercise. Training days should alternate with days of rest: first, cardio and strength elements, and then a day of recovery, then back under the scheme.

    The method can be changed, adjusting her under his mode of life. The main thing is to always remain 2-3 days for relaxation and recuperation.

    The cardio important duration. The optimal mode of training, leading to weight loss is 40-60 minutes of running, jumping, and other active exercises. In power training, the emphasis is on the number of sets and sets. To maintain muscle tone and extra fat burning in separate areas of the body it is recommended to perform 3-4 sets of 10-14 times. Between approaches and types of sports items, you should pause.

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