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Men’s fitness: a program of exercises with the chest expander

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Men’s fitness: a program of exercises with the chest expander
The contents

  • Rules of performance of exercises with an expander
  • How to choose expander
  • Effective system for stretching muscles of the body
  • Training with expander butterfly for the triceps, shoulder press
  • The results of physical activity when working with the expander

In recent years, the cult of a healthy lifestyle prefer more and more young people. Many men want to have a beautiful and healthy body, visit gyms and group fitness classes. But not everyone has the opportunity to go to the sports club, and some have contraindications to performing strength exercises.

The way out will be training with an expander. This simulator can acquire each and workout with him at home have a minimum of contraindications.

Rules of performance of exercises with an expander

This machine the classic version is a spring or elastic band, the ends of which are attached the handle. It is very light and takes up little space, so the expander is convenient to take with you on trips that will not interrupt your workout even during business trips or vacations. But to see the results of physical activity, it is necessary to observe the technique of execution of exercises. This eliminates wasted time and possible injury.

The first step is to choose the right load. To determine its initial level, try to perform 1 set of 15 repetitions. If you were able to get through this amount and feel the tension in the muscles, the load is chosen correctly.

Gradually increase repetitions to 15-20, then add approaches until you can complete 3-4 passes for the 1st time. Only by achieving these results is possible to increase the load further.

Tips on running sessions to stretch muscles with the expander:

  • before training with expander, you must perform the workout of the major muscles;
  • the load should be increased gradually;
  • first learn basic technique exercises, then increase the number of repetitions;
  • so that the muscles have time to recover between sets, do rest in between in 60-90 seconds;
  • choosing a load, consider your physique.

How to choose expander

The major role when selecting the correct rubber strip plays the initial training

  • beginners are recommended swimwear yellow: they have the smallest resistance;
  • those involved in training for 2-3 months, you can buy the simulator green;
  • athletes who train for more than 6 months, suitable expanders red color;
  • professionals produce elastic tape blue.

If the expander is at the heart of the spring, the force of tension depends on their number. Such models are considered more reliable and can last for several years, working in intensive mode. While the rubber may break after a few months of use.

Also the bands are divided by type of constructions:

  • for legs or hands;
  • for children and adults;
  • for outdoor or wall mounting.

There is also a universal expander, which can be used to perform exercises for all muscle groups: chest, shoulders, abs, thighs, buttocks, back. This expander butterfly. It consists of two rubber handles, which are connected by metal springs.

Effective system for stretching muscles of the body

To bring tone to the body and flushing the core muscles use the following exercises:

  • For the shoulder joint.

Stand up straight, your right foot will expose forward and bend. Take the expander, arms extended, palms turn up. Raise your hands behind your back while bending your knees and moving the case back. Then return to the starting position. Perform 10 reps with the exposed forward the right and then the left foot.

  • For pumping the biceps.

Stand with your legs wide apart. Right foot lock the handle of the expander to the floor. The right hand take the opposite handle. Bend the arm, raising a fist to shoulder, then lower back. Do 12 reps and adjust the arm and leg.

  • Stretching of the chest muscles.

Pull the elastic band under the bench and lie on your back. Take the handle in your palm and place them on the chest. Elbows point to the sides. Put your hands up, fully straightening them. Then put them back on his chest. Run 9 times.

  • For the leg muscles.

Lie on your back, extend hands along the body. Bend your right leg. In the right hand, take one handle of the expander, the second hook over the right foot. Slowly straighten your leg, then bend it back. Do 10 repetitions with your right leg and the same with the left.

Training with expander butterfly for the triceps, shoulder press

This kind of trainer will help to add variety to your workout and increase the results of physical activity:

  • Pumping of the triceps.

Stand up straight. Hold the expander between the right thigh and right forearm. Elbows tightly to your waist. Forearm press down on the handle, tightening the expander, then uncompress it. Do this exercise 10 times with each hand.

  • For the chest muscles.

Stand up straight, take a butterfly in his hands and lift them up. Squeeze the simulator as much as will allow your physical training, then loosen hands. Make for 4 minutes.

  • Stretching of the abdominal muscles.

Lie on the floor and bend your legs, feet tightly to the floor. Knees lock one side of the exerciser, hands second. Legs up, jamming the expander, then lower them back. Do 20 repetitions.

In these training programs take into account the level of activity for beginners. Gradually increase the number of repetitions, and after 2-4 weeks and the number of approaches. Do not start to train with high intensity. This can lead to sprains and injuries.

The results of physical activity when working with the expander

When you perform proper and regular training (2-3 times per week) at home, you’ll achieve impressive results of physical activity. After 3-4 weeks the body will become more toned and muscles much bigger.

The benefits of training with expander are obvious:

  • do stretch and strengthen muscles of chest, abs, back, legs;
  • to improve your stamina;
  • remove excess fat;
  • to strengthen the heart and blood vessels;
  • to increase the mobility of joints.

For many young people who for various reasons cannot practice on simulators, the simulator is a great alternative to classic workouts. It will help to remain in good shape even if you limit your physical activity.

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