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Menopause? Live at full capacity!

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why do so many women in recent years, radically changing my life after thirty, or even after forty years? Some first come to the gym and build the body lifelong dream, others open successful startups, and others — travel… the fact that in adulthood we have a lot more experience, dedication, we really look at the world. And thanks to all that can achieve a lot. Look for examples that inspire you, and try as little as possible to criticize. When you have something passionate about to complain about the extra weight or mood swings simply no time. And by the way, the women who live at full capacity, often with weight, and mood all right — even during menopause.

Take care of yourself.

The beauty of a woman depends largely on the condition of the body. And the farther, the more obvious it becomes that connection. Proper nutrition, physical activity, fresh air — all this actually works better than any plastic. Small steps that you do every day (sleep for eight hours, refuse from fatty and fried foods, eat vegetables and fruit, walk 10 thousand steps to swim in the pool), is a real concern about yourself. And of course, regularly visited the beautician, choose clothing that suits you. If you are full of energy and you are pleased with the reflection in the mirror, you feel attractive. No wonder that experts believe that women’s sexuality is revealed with age. You’re confident you know what you like, catch yourself admiring glances of men. Decreased libido? Never heard of it.

Don’t forget to restart the computer.

Time to stop and give yourself time to rest from the routine is a very useful skill at any age. If you don’t do those pauses, it is very easy to burn out and then complain: “Ah, the age-related changes. Oh, I’m so tired, I cry all the time, I’m going with a half-turn and take it out on loved ones!” Actually the reason for all this may be common fatigue and lack of personal space. Plan your schedule so that every day you had time for yourself and let loved ones know to bother you only in the event of an earthquake. More in nature, meet with friends, read a book and watch the movie. And when you ask, “What do you want for your birthday?”, you do not ask for a blender with fifteen nozzles, and the certificate to a Spa.

Taste new.

Engaged in what you dreamed all his life. Find a hobby, an interesting job or activity that long ago you were attracted to, but his hands never reached. Look for yourself! And of course, look for new ways to care for yourself. Maybe it’s time to radically rethink their habits and to connect the micronutrients and herbal extracts that will allow you to look good and feel even better.

There are many opportunities to support the female body during menopause. But how to choose a method that you can really rely on? The classic option is to take hormones because of the decrease in the level of hormones is the cause of changes at this age.

But… not all women can accept and others just don’t want to for various reasons, for example, are afraid to gain weight. And then what to do? The best option is to rely on the opinions of experts, opinions of women who know the problem firsthand.

You should pay attention to? First of all, phytoestrogens are natural substances found in plants and are considered the most similar in structure and action to estrogen a woman’s body. Other sources rich in phytoestrogens include, for example, red clover (in 10 times more than in soybeans, and a lot of calcium, chromium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, phosphorus, vitamins A and C), Vitex Agnus castus, Angelica.

The combination of phytoestrogens with a vitamin-mineral cocktail enhances the effect. Numerous studies have found that during menopause women need to, for example, vitamin E which enhances the production of progesterone and estrogen, b vitamins, known as the “cheerfulness vitamin”, because it normalizes fat metabolism and make it impossible to gain weight.

Among the many drugs to relieve symptoms of menopause women are more likely to choose the same Lady’s Menopause Formula Enhanced Formula.

It is non-hormonal pills, created specifically to support the female body during menopause. You are unlikely to meet in any other biocomplex a whole bunch of medicinal extracts, 7 vitamins and 4 essential for this age trace element.

Draws attention naturalness — 5 herbal extracts! 3 the most powerful phytoestrogen found together only in this complex, and therefore have redoubled potency!

An important advantage of the complex phytoestrogens synergistically with each other, allowing to take pills just once a day!

And with the combination of two unique extracts of Maca root and mushrooms maitaki! Lady’s Menopause Formula Enhanced Formula is characterized by the presence in the composition of the rare mushroom extract Maitake, which is very appreciated in the East and, unfortunately, little known in our country. Mushrooms Maitake called the mushroom geisha — because of its ability to prevent weight gain and prevent fat storage in the abdominal area and thighs.

To forget about difficulties in sexual life, the complex added another rare ingredient is Maca root. This plant is from the high altitudes of the Peruvian Andes. It is believed that Maca root affects the libido and promotes natural moisture in the intimate area, enhancing comfort and pleasure from sexual life. Lady’s Menopause Formula Enhanced Formula produced in the United States according to the international standards of quality GMP, certified Eurasian conformity.

To be a real woman with a Lady’s Formula at any age!

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