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Measurements of the body in bodybuilding

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Monitoring progress is very important in bodybuilding, whether professional or Amateur version of the sport. You can measure the fat percentage, to investigate the body composition or to obtain information by other means, but the most reliable remains a centimeter. Correct body measurements will tell you how training progress, when you need to focus on certain muscle groups, and eliminate imbalances. In the end, it’s just nice to keep track of your progress on some definite criteria.

The speakers bodybuilders it is important to know your weight, because in sports there are weight classes. Fans can track muscle gain or weight loss in the same way. Weighing all of just. In the morning on an empty stomach need to be weighed on the scales in the same clothes or without. The weight gain of a pound should not be upset, even if you lose weight. Such weight fluctuations are normal, they can be associated with food, fluid retention or other factors. More role plays how muscles increase in volume, as decreases body fat. And this can be assessed either visually by photos or body measurements with measuring tape. Trainers of the old school recommend just a centimeter, as it is an objective criterion of progress.

How to make body measurements

Measurements must be objective. This means that you need to try to do them at the same time, and not at the pump. Have a muscular person with a lot of factors can affect the volume. Eat carbs? Biceps got bigger. Loaded creatine or pre-workout with beta-alanine? Again increased the volume. This means that the competent body measurements must be carried out before all these manipulations. Perfect – early in the morning when the athlete is hungry, and my muscles filled with blood. That is, if performed morning cardio or posing practice, it is better to assess them.

The main tool to measure – tailor’s centimeter, or inch tape. It enables to ensure objectivity. But if cm is not at hand, you can do a strong thread and a ruler.

Principles body measurements are:

  • It is impossible to strain or “pampite” muscles;
  • It is not recommended to involve the stomach or get air in the chest that it was more;
  • Inch or the thread must lie to the body about the same lines

Tip: if you measured exactly does not work, use use. Another person will be easier to inch through the body so that it adheres properly and gave less error in the measurements. It is sometimes recommended to be measured for tailoring schemes and patterns, but you can find pictures with the correct measurements for bodybuilders.

For precision measurements, it is possible to hold them in the same day multiple times and record all values. How often should I repeat the procedure? Depends on the athlete and his goals. Some people think that just once at the end of the training cycle on the ground or drying, while others perform the procedure every week, to track progress in detail, and correct training and nutrition depending on what results were obtained. Of course, the weekly measurements are more revealing, they help to judge how the body reacts to certain features of the training program and nutrition plan.

How to measure muscle measuring tape

Bodybuilders measure biceps, neck, chest, waist, thighs, calf, and sometimes forearms. Often additionally measured the hamstrings separately, without touching the gluteal muscles. As a General rule, the tape passes through the narrowest place of the body, or at the peak of the muscle.

How to correctly measure different parts of the body:

  • Waist – measure at the narrowest place, the stomach is not involved;
  • Biceps – straining hand, and put the measuring tape in the middle, at the peak of the biceps;
  • The hamstrings – the same, bend the knee, measure from the peak;
  • Forearm – the widest place, not to be confused with the wrist is the narrowest;
  • Neck in the middle, the tape passes through the Adam’s Apple;
  • Chest – lead feed line nipple;
  • Hips – at the peak of the buttocks, and in front of right, without bias.

Some recommend to measure separate the calf or Shin. To strain this group and to see the peaks will have to stand on tiptoe. The measurement is performed as on the widest place.

If the athlete’s weight, or the primary localization of fat on the abdomen, it can measure 1 cm below the navel, to make sure that there is a positive trend in this area. Does it make sense to measure the deltoid? If this muscle group is lagging, the athlete makes her the focus of the training cycle, and seeks to see the progress, you can measure the Delta, holding the measuring tape under one arm and holding a straight line through the peak of the Delta.

In any case, measurements with measuring tape, how clothes fit and how the body looks in the photo – the most objective criteria of progress in bodybuilding. Take measurements regularly, make them into a special file training diary or a simple notebook, to change the program depending on which dynamics of changes of the body, and you will definitely achieve success in bodybuilding.

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