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Mass Effect Revolution by SAN

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Mass Effect Revolution by SAN is a weight gainer. It is designed for a set of muscle mass. People who eat too little and are rarely trained to his own detriment. They will never gain the coveted muscle volume and will not look relief. But modern schedule dictates other rules. Many have no time to eat in the middle of the day and prepare something to take with you. Some have a very fast metabolism, which literally “burns” all that was eaten for a day and does not build muscle. In all these cases, a cocktail of high-quality digestible complete protein and carbohydrates for energy will help to build the figure of dreams. This product is designed for both fitness professionals and enthusiasts and those who are just starting to train in the hall.

Positive effects from the product:

  • Faster recovery, muscle growth;
  • Increase power performance by changing body composition;
  • A quality set without unnecessary fat;
  • Able to recruit, even for those who are unable to eat regularly due to work or circumstances;
  • Improving body composition, increasing strength, endurance

The product does not contain any anabolic supplements, it is a regular protein-carbohydrate blend for athletes, just very high quality. It degrades health, is not the phenomenon of recoil. In General, this is as good as mashed potatoes with a cutlet, it’s just more balanced and is better absorbed.


One serving of Mass Effect Revolution (299г) gives the athlete:

  • 1100 calories;
  • 50g of protein;
  • 215g carbohydrate;
  • 5g fat;
  • 6.5 g of fiber.

A protein composed of only the highest quality hydrolysate. Often athletes complain that a protein component of the gainer is not absorbed because of the carbs, or rather, because they overload the digestion. This product solves problems, proteins in the composition divided into the peptide chain, and are assimilated simply and easily.

How to take

This gainer is designed to gain muscle mass or replace one of the meals or extra food. Before you start to drink weight gainer, you should review your training plan to a more heavy and volume workouts for hypertrophy of muscles. This means that the beginner who just the first month walks into the room, it is necessary to include a weight gainer as soon as he learned, but not immediately.

To drink a weight gainer either in portions at once without breaking into two, or to split into two doses. If you choose the second option, it is advisable to take before and after training, in the first case, the practice shows that it is better to drink a weight gainer after training and not before, so as to train by drinking a large cocktail, will be difficult, and the digestive tract can be felt.

Do I need to drink a weight gainer courses? This is useful for those who cycleroad “mass” and “dry”, and doesn’t fit people who exercise insufficiently active. Usually always drink a weight gainer, only those who constantly malnourished, that is in the calorie deficit. These courses people can not do. Whether it is harmful to the digestive tract? No more harmful servings of food, full of fiber and protein.

Important: to improve the recovery, you can add, BCAA in your shake or take it separately. On the ground it is also advisable to take creatine, vitamins and omega three for your health.


Reviews on good weight gainer. Most of the athletes noted that he is well saturates, digestible, and really helps to gain weight, and without stupid “fill” with water and fat. Muscles grow, appetite eat, cook and drink comfortably. The tastes of the sun, no one criticizes brand for it.

A small number of negative reviews online about the product related to its high cost relative to domestic products. Here it should be noted that the product with a hydrolyzate of protein can’t be super-cheap. The quality justifies the price in this case.

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