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Maria Fedorova, editor of the fashion glossy

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Who is Maria Fedorova? What’s she famous for? How to build your career and adjust the figure? The answers to these questions You will learn in this article.

Quick facts from the biography

Girls around the world follow the fashion trends of makeup, clothing and power. For this purpose, in the early twentieth century, was released as the first women’s magazines, among which were especially popular “Glamour”. In Russia, the gloss began to be published in 2004, it then began his career popular today Maria Fedorova.

Today the name of Masha Fedorova recognizable among all the leaders of the fashion industry. She was born in 1972 and after graduation immediately began working in a popular magazine Playboy. She got there as assistant editor-in-chief, but in the process was marked by her ability in the field of fashion, and she moved to an editor position in the industry.

After a few years Mary moved to another edition of “GQ”, where he worked for three years. At the time of release of the edition “Glamour” in the Russian Federation there was a mass recruitment and, according to leaders, Fedorov was perfect to head in the fashion Department, so Mary accepted the offer. After a few years of successful work in the publication the girl went on increasing and became the chief editor of the popular gloss. Speaking about the biography of Maria Fedorova and her work in “Glamour”, it is worth noting that the girl was interested in the position of stylist, but it was her only hobby.

Today career of Mary again went up, and she became the chief editor of the world’s most popular gloss “Vogue”. In a recent interview, Fedorov spoke positively about all the previous editors of the magazine, calling Davydov as his teacher, and She is my good friend.

Latest news

During long hours in the journal, Glamour Maria Fedorova was a lady with large forms and never hesitate.

Her sense of style always allowed to hide the flaws and emphasize dignity.

On the Internet you can even find an interview in which the girl talks about their favorite brands, boutiques, and cities for shopping. Sense of style Masha and recognized many famous people, who ask her to provide stylist services.

For the life of any media person in the twenty-first century it is possible to monitor, through various social networks in which they conduct their blogs. The most popular and convenient platform right now is Instagram where Masha Fedorova, of course, has a profile. During the editorial career in the magazine “Glamour” girl was signed as @mashildaglam, but after changing job Maria changed his nick to @mashavoguerussia.

Secrets of harmony

In your profile, Maria covers all the important events in her life: fashion shows, shootings, meetings with popular people and inspirational event that editor-in-chief of the world’s luster now chsto visits. Page Masha instagram has changed a lot after leaving the “Glamour”, which is directly related to radical changes in all spheres of her life. It is worth noting the external change of the editor-in-chief of gloss, Fedorov is markedly postrhinal, and her fashionable bows began to look at her better.

Information about what it means that Maria used to lose weight, is not disclosed in any interview. It is known that Fedorov changed your diet. The main products in the daily menu are vegetables and fruits in large quantity. The girl refused from fatty and fried foods and configured categorically against fast food. Also the head of the main glossiness of the country drinks water in large quantity, does not drink carbonated and sugary drinks. Her fascination with different kinds of diets in the media is not discussed.

According to the Mary page on the social network, she is keen on sports namely, classes in the pool with the coach. As you know, the main choice of sport is enjoying what you’re doing. Swimming can indeed help in losing weight because the process is spent even more energy than when running. Also worth noting is the effectiveness of this type of training in the fight against cellulite. In the process of this type of training is involved in virtually all muscle groups, which positively affects the creation of a beautiful shape and toned body.

Thus, we can conclude that the secret to weight loss Maria Fedorova three sizes lies in her active sports and in observing the basics of good nutrition.

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