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Manual for surviving flu season

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how to treat a cold! Antibiotics? They do not kill the virus. Paracetamol? Just relieves the symptoms. Vitamin C? Evidence-based medicine doubt its effectiveness. Here are the tea with raspberries and plaid — so, for the entourage. But actually to do something: to strengthen the defense of the organism before the seasonal attack, speed recovery, and even to try to fight off colds in the beginning.

1. Not pereohlazhden

“Put on your hat, and you’ll get sick” — told mom. By itself, the cold is not the cause but only a trigger for the development of infection. Due to spasm of the vessels, the Airways become more vulnerable to infection floating in the air. If you don’t want another date cancelled on me tonight, don’t be a hero and Atalaya.

2. My hands

Sick colleague had covered her mouth while sneezing, then she opened the door after the handle came from you… after 20 minutes, rubbed his nose, and then two days later come down with the flu. This is the typical route of transmission. The moral: a) comply with hygiene and less to touch the face; b) she did not go to the office sick.

PS: but kisses are allowed! Rhinoviruses, which cause three-quarters of a SARS, seldom enter the body through the mouth.

3. Walk

Public transport — a hotbed of infection, whereas in the fresh air, the concentration of the virus below. Plus movement and adequate hardening of the respiratory tract and improve the body’s defenses. If no and no, at least hold on to the handrails while wearing gloves.

4. Strengthens the immune system

XXI century: instead of garlic used immunomodulators. They activate the synthesis of proteins, which reflect the attack of viruses. But if the infection has entered the body, faster recovery. How does it work? When we catch a cold, begin to produce antibodies. But in the early days the process goes slowly and unevenly, and drugs that stimulate it. It is not harmful: the drug just activates the natural mechanisms.

Chemist Mikhail Voronkov created a drug for the military and athletes to boost their endurance. Initially, “Trekrezan” was used as an adaptogen which added vigor, improved performance and endurance. But then the doctors noticed that the soldiers began to hurt less, and learned about the impact of the drug on the immune system. Today “Trekrezan” is used in flu season, to help the body defend itself against viruses.

Further Trekrezan cold not pass!

When to use?

— At the first signs of SARS, to speed up recovery and reduce the weakness.

— In the season of colds for prevention.

— During stress: promotes better functioning of the brain and recuperation.

— On long journeys for a quick acclimatization.

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