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Man pump the foot: rules for home training

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Man pump the foot: rules for home training

The contents

  • Rules for home training
  • Exercise for legs
  • Useful tips on the exercises

Athletic male feet are able to attract no less admiring glances, than pumped up biceps or back. In order to successfully develop the lower area of the body, do not have to attend training in the fitness room under the guidance of a coach. To make the legs strong, toned and relief can even at home. The key to successful training is regular physical exercise, adherence to important rules and training regime.

Rules for home training

To training legs at home benefit and not cause harm, certain rules must be followed. With their help, men can do exercises to pump your legs even more effective and efficient.

  • Develop a systematic approach to training.

Do physical activity regularly. Let it be short but regular sessions than long but rare. Optimum mode of training — 3 trainings in a week.

  • Before the training, do a thorough warm-up with strength and aerobic exercises.

They will help prepare the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as ligaments, tendons and muscles for the upcoming exercise. Best warm up before leveling feet — easy Jogging or fast walking, which can be done even on the street.

  • Gradually the load on the legs need to be increased.

This should be done after 2-4 weeks of training, when muscles adapt to the stress. Increase the intensity of the training depending on your physical condition. Connect new exercises, increase workout duration, add weights.

  • Pay attention to all the muscles.

In this case, the muscular areas will develop evenly and harmoniously, and the body will acquire an aesthetic appearance. Include in home training on your feet multicomponent fiznagruzki, which will simultaneously develop and legs, and buttocks, and back muscles — so classes will be more useful.

  • Complete home occupation foot hitch.

This is a special set of stretching exercises — deep stretching of the muscles. Due to this load can be avoided and pain in the leg muscles and joints. Stretching elements will make muscle tissue more elastic and more flexible, which subsequently will reduce the risk of injury during strength training.

Exercise for legs

Experts advise men to work out legs with pumping thighs. This area is considered to be one of the most complex, as men and women in this area deposited the body fat deposits that are difficult to remove.

After consideration of the thighs you can go for caviar for uniformly of the relief development of the feet.

Tighten the muscles in these areas and increase weight will help the following exercise:

  • Squats.

They are considered basic elements for any home complex on pumping the legs. They can be used effectively to tighten the rear and front of the thighs and gluteal muscles. The load intensity depends on the depth of squats and foot placement. Basic squats with the average location of the stop actively influence the large quadriceps and gluteal muscles. Wide squats-plie actively working polusharnirnye leg muscles and hamstrings. The deeper the squat, the greater the load on muscle fibers. However, in the initial stages of training, men are encouraged to lower the pelvis not lower than parallel to the floor. You should also monitor the position of the knees: they must not protrude beyond the toes during the movement.

  • Attacks.

This dynamic physical load is working fine anterior surface of the thigh, namely the Sartorius muscle and the biceps muscle of the thigh. The exercise is performed from a standing position with hands on hips. Need to make a lunge forward with the support foot and the back foot retract to tension in the hamstring. Between the drumstick and the thigh of the supporting leg should form a right angle. At the peak voltage should stay static, to return to the starting position and repeat the movement with the other leg. For increasing load and increasing the effectiveness of the classes men are encouraged to gradually connect to the thrusts of the weights, which may be a dumbbell, home mini bars, as well as bodybar or dumbbells.

  • Lunges sideways.

This load is similar to the previous one, but the lunge is done forward, to the right and left sides. Load cycles polusharnirnye muscles and the lower beams of the gluteal muscles.

  • Leg swings.

Mnogoslovnoe fiznagruzki for leveling legs, at the same time help to pump the muscles back of the thighs, and to develop the elasticity of muscle fibers. Element performed from a standing position. The leading leg is moved back sharply to the maximum height, and then returns to its place. In the process of moving to strain the muscles of the buttocks and the press. With the increase of power performance, the load should be increased by attaching the weights in the form of special cuffs-ankle weights.

  • The gluteal bridge.

The effective load for the femoral quadriceps, the large gluteal muscles and poluchilsya muscles. Also pumped the lower beams of the straight muscles press and strengthens the lumbar muscles. From supine position with bent knees legs lift up the hip joint to the maximum height. At the peak, the voltage should be locked at static for a few seconds, and then return to the starting point. When the action is performed it is impossible to tear off shoulder blades off the floor.

  • Rise on the toes.

This simple exercise perfectly develops the calf muscles. Especially quickly it helps to achieve a positive effect with the use of weights (dumbbells, barbells, weight belt).

  • Jumping rope.

Load strengthens the muscles of the ankle and hips. Mix and match between the different jumps: forward and backward, on one leg, with a crossing cable, with acceleration, with high knees. The more variations you use, the more shallow muscles of the legs develops.

For muscle building, and men must carry out training in 3-4 sets of 10-16 repetitions. Gradually the number of repetitions can be increased to 18-20, and the number of sets to 5-6.

Useful tips on the exercises

Easy to pump up the muscles of the legs a man for 2-3 months of active home exercises. This requires practice on a schedule with 3-4 classes per week. To increase the effectiveness of the training by observing the following recommendations:

  • don’t forget the pause between sets and days of training for recovery and relaxation of muscles;
  • end the training with a thorough stretching;
  • use treadmills exercise: this cardio will also help build up the legs if you do it in interval mode;
  • alternate modes of training: engage in a circular, interval scheme, or combine the elements in a 3-day split;
  • regularly increase the load to get rid of the monotony of sports activities;
  • increase the legs should follow the diet: balance diet and include more protein products.

Consideration of these recommendations will help men even at home to achieve the perfect legs with an attractive landscape.

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