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Male and female fitness: the differences in the exercise program

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Male and female fitness: the differences in the exercise program

The contents

  • The differences of exercises for the study of the lower extremities
  • Especially in pumping the chest muscles
  • Technical details fitness workouts to strengthen the muscle corset
  • Work on strengthening the arms and shoulder girdle

Although male and female muscle fibers have similar structure, to train them should be different. Body is important not only to eliminate body fat and pump up muscles, but also to shape the body of correct proportions with a beautifully contoured, embossed surface. Fitness no exercises are separated by gender, i.e. feminine or masculine sports items.

Strength exercises can be performed by both sexes with equal efficiency. Here, special attention should be paid to the technique of execution and how to properly focus the load to increase and to accentuate certain muscle groups.

Imitating men’s training, women’s figure can gain too large, bulky shape. It is important to consider when forming a training program for working various muscle groups. Using some technical stuff to different stress load, the same exercises can bring a completely different effect.

The differences of exercises for the study of the lower extremities

The goal of male exercises for lower body — strengthening and the acquisition of massive, pumped thighs. Women tend to have elastic buttocks rounded and taut thighs, devoid of sagging and cellulite. Both of these goals are implemented usually with the help of the same elements of a training program: lunges, squats, leg press, but with a few differences in technique.

For inclusion in the active work of the gluteus Medius muscle fibers need during lunges and squats to bring the position of the pelvis parallel to the floor. Men’s fitness does not require such a low landing, since the quadriceps is loaded enough and the upper part of the range of motion.

Girls will be able to increase the tension in working out problem areas, if you return to the starting position of the squat additionally, it will compress the gluteal muscles.

When the leg press is performed by lying down in the simulator, an important statement of the feet. It correctly focuses the received load. Girls need to be leveraged in the work of the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, so it is recommended to perform a bench press with a broad statement of the feet at the top of the platform.

Men more important to strengthen the front and outer femoral surface, the foot must be located at a minimum distance between bottom edge. To enhance the load on the muscles of the buttocks, lifting the platform up, you need to build the heels. If we shift the focus to the socks, will maximally load the hips.

It is important to carefully follow the correct technique of performing elements, to maintain neuromuscular communication at the appropriate level to best experience the work of each muscle. Particular attention should approach to selection of optimal working weights. Excessive load will lead to collapse of the equipment and increase the possibility of injury.

Especially in pumping the chest muscles

The pectoral muscle is divided into 3 parts: top, middle and bottom. To strengthen the upper part of the chest muscles fit dumbbell bench press on a flat bench and push-UPS with feet, located on a small hill (fitball, a chair, etc.). For the study of the mid-chest are classic pushup and dumbbell bench press on the horizontal bench. Dips and bench, dumbbell bench press out of the situation upside down will allow isolated to study the bottom of the pectoral muscles.

The purpose of the male training: to form a symmetrical, harmonious development of the chest muscles. Therefore the training program needs to be presented exercises to strengthen all three parts.

On a number of physiological reasons women should include in their fitness training only those elements that are working on top of the chest. It allows to visually enlarge the bust and helps to form a beautiful décolleté.

Technical details fitness workouts to strengthen the muscle corset

A wide, muscular back is a symbol of manhood and pride of any man. Therefore, for men training is a program of different exercises for full development of the muscle fibers of the back. Men need to perform pull-UPS various grip on the bar, thrust the dumbbells and barbells of various provisions of srage, etc. Women to workout back muscles should be approached with extreme caution and take into account a number of important points.

  • Overly developed the widest muscle fibers (especially the lower part) visually shorten the waist and the shoulders make too massive.
  • The growth of the trapezius muscle visually shortens the neck.
  • From the program fitness workouts for girls it is better to avoid the wide grip pullups, deadlifts barbell narrow grip in the slope, vertical traction unit in front of him. To replace them can other no less effective elements of fitness: the pull of horizontal unit with a wide hand, thrust the barbell wide grip, cultivation of hands with dumbbells. Performing these exercises focuses the load on the middle of the widest part of the muscle that will allow you to accentuate the waist.

    Work on strengthening the arms and shoulder girdle

    Exercises to strengthen the shoulder girdle, and hands for men and women technical differences are not. Here, the load is controlled by the weight of shells used, number of repetitions and amplitude of movements.

    To form a beautiful relief of the hands and eliminate sagging, women need to perform fitness items in 2-3 sets of 20-25 repetitions. The weight of the weights should be minimal. To start the process of muscle growth, men have to perform various strength exercises with major weights with 10-12 reps in each set.

    In physical activity regularity is extremely important, as if proper weight training muscle fibers quickly return to its previous state. This is especially true of the female body.

    Perfect figure for men and women has completely different parameters. It is therefore important when developing program of fitness training to take into account all the technical details of exercises and correctly punctuate the load.

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