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Mahmoud al-durra wants to reach 102 kg before the season 2019

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A native of Egypt, immigrated to Canada, Mahmoud al-durra (Mahmood Al Durrah), which acts in the group easy bodybuilding 212lb, believes that now is the best time to gain weight for the season 2019. 168 cm athlete won last year’s event “Vancouver ABOUT 2018” in its category and was first performed at the Mr. Olympia 2018 in Las Vegas, where he was outside the TOP 15.

“I’m satisfied with where I am now, but it’s too far from where I want to be in 2019, I plan to make an even greater impression. After I saw the level on the Olympia, you know what to do and I have no problem with this, I thought I had done my best this year, but I realized that there was another part of me that is still not used. Want to reach a weight somewhere between 100 and 102 kg before you begin your pre-contest diet”

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