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Lymphoma dream: let us treat!

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kindergarten teacher from Novorossiysk. Actually no, originally from Moscow, but arrived in Novorossiysk to relax, fell in love with a good guy working as a programmer, and married him. And if you believe her, then he is the best man on earth and the greatest in the world the programmer, more important than Steve jobs and bill gates, just not a billionaire at all. And to marry him — happiness!

And they had children. Three. Ilya is now thirteen years old, not ten, five small van. And they happiness. They can spend the rest of my life, every moment, never leaving except to go to work.

The world’s best work as a teacher with the children.

And then there’s the sea, the warmth, flowers, fruits, mountains… the Sky full of stars…

By some happy and congenital warehouse of his character Svetlana seemed to be genetically predisposed to be happy with everything, from husband, from children, from work, from the sea, from the mountains…

But the happiness from it all impossible to experience since, as Svetlana on the neck and deep chest swelled and inflamed lymph nodes. It hurts.

Svetlana lived in the best land on the place with the best on earth man, gave birth to the best children, but could not feel this happiness, because happiness was a shield of pain.

That’s why she wanted a cancer diagnosis. To the oncologist soon cured her or killed because it is unbearable to be the happiest person on earth, but not to feel their happiness, despite the fact that it can be seen, can hear, can feel, can be described, but cannot be felt from the fact that the pain overshadows it. That is why Svetlana had dreamed that one day she will say: cancer. And will begin to heal.

It was abandoned LOR, he refused surgeon refused dermatologist. She thought: well, for me, oncologist, oncologist, when the oncologist?

She cut to send for a biopsy of the lymph nodes in the neck. And Svetlana waited for my glass and thought, well, this is supposed to be cancer. If everyone in my house has found the cancer, it has to find me. Find it soon. And let the healing begin.

And husband Svetlanin said quietly: must be a cancer — this razor like you can’t not run into some kind of rare cancer.

Svetlana waited. Once entered the ward the doctor said: Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the blood.

“Whew! — Svetlana said. — Is it curable?”


“Fine. Well, let’s medicate!”

Svetlanna mother in Moscow tried something not to believe, because many people tend not to believe that their children are sick with dangerous diseases, and Svetlana said, “Yes it’s cancer, cancer, mommy. Don’t need to double-check, we should rather treat”.

She was so encouraged by his diagnosis, so hoping for the quick recovery that the children don’t even believe the explanation about the seriousness of her illness. Believe only when Svetlana began to lose her hair.

When she went to Moscow for treatment, the children hung on her in the middle of the hallway and struggled begged me not to leave. She wouldn’t leave them if it was not cancer. That’s why it’s good that cancer.

She went through chemo. Left radiation therapy. Hodgkin’s lymphoma so treated. Cured at all. Only at the end of the year in public hospitals for radiation therapy over the state quota. To recover Svetlana now only for the money. And there is no money. Such a happy person why all the money, if not for radiation therapy?

Therefore, help her. She’s one step away from recovery. One step away from coming home, where is happiness.

Text: Valery Panyushkin

Photo: Evgeny Sviridov

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