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Lunges with barbell: benefits and contraindications for fitness exercises

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Lunges with barbell: benefits and contraindications for fitness exercises
The contents

  • Benefits and contraindications to exercise for legs
  • Classical technique exercises
  • Options for physical activity
  • Typical mistakes at the gym

Slender muscular legs is the dream of not only women, but many men deliberately working to improve your body. Effective means of achieving the goal are the regular fitness training with the power focus. To simultaneously work on the buttocks, thigh, and leg press, using lunges with barbell on shoulders. When performing exercises it’s important to understand technology — this will allow to achieve the maximum effect without damage and injuries.

Benefits and contraindications to exercise for legs

When developing any element of beginners are often concerned with the information about what practical benefits they will bring it to fulfillment. Lunges with a barbell are characterized by the following positive features:

  • with constant practice improves sense of balance and coordination;
  • increase the strength and endurance of the leg muscles;
  • increases muscle volume;
  • increases the productivity of other exercises for legs;
  • the joints will become more mobile, increasing the amplitude of their movement;
  • additionally considering of the abdominal muscles, arms, shoulders and back;
  • improves blood circulation in organs of small pelvis;
  • focus on developing muscle control improves its contraction.

In the process of movement on the joints and tendons bears a great physical exercise, so if you have injuries or diseases of the musculoskeletal system from the use of this element should be abandoned.

Contraindications to the lunges with a barbell are also varicose vein disease, high blood pressure, chronic diseases of the back, spinal hernia, recent surgery, heart disease, neurological diseases and a pregnancy.

Classical technique exercises

When performing lunges with a barbell the athlete requires skill as the ability to keep a balance, not pulling to the side. When working with large weights is very important to “close” to stand on the floor, no rotting body under the extra weight. Sight when driving you need to keep in front of you, keeping a level head position.

Plan for the phased implementation of this exercises for the legs looks like this:

  • Hang pancakes need weight on the neck rod, be sure to check the clips.
  • Make the spacing of barbell racks, have her on his shoulders. The neck should not lie on the neck: it is located on the trapezius muscles of the back and the deltoids of the shoulders.
  • Stand straight, feet set slightly wider than shoulder width.
  • Step forward and lower body into a lunge, bending both legs at right angles. The knee of the leg facing the building, should not cross the line of the toes.
  • The second leg rests on the bent fingers, knee is a few inches above the floor.
  • Fix this position for a few seconds, then returned to the initial position.
  • Repeat the exercise again. Making a predetermined number of repetitions, change legs.
  • When performing exercises it is recommended to follow your breath: while moving down makes a strong exhale when you return you breath. To start fitness classes are recommended with low weight for beginners enough empty neck. The first priority is the development of proper technique and memorizing the movements until it becomes automatic. Once the athlete learns how to fall and to stand up straight, controlling the muscles, you can go to increase the load.

    Options for physical activity

    In the process of adaptation of the body physical activity should vary: it can be done not only by increasing the weight of the apparatus, but also by changing technology. Do lunges with a barbell you can use the following options:

    • With a small platform.

    When placing rear legs standing on a hill, the load is concentrated in the gluteal muscles. If on the platform to put the front foot, the tension will be stronger in the hips. To vary the exercise load is also using the width of the step: working on short legs, while wide allows you to focus the tension in the gluteal muscles.

    • Dynamic lunges.

    About this option exercises the opinions of the athletes diverge. Many believe that such attacks severely traumatized knee joints. They are performed in classical technique, but after the man falls, he is pushed behind the limb and make a step forward, sinking back into the attack.

    • The reverse lunges.

    Performed according to the same rules as classic fitness element, but do not step forward, but backward.

    • Side lunges.

    Step to the side, supporting leg bent at the knee, the second is completely right. In exercise it is important to keep your back straight, preventing its deflection or rounding.

    • With the weights on his chest.

    The post feature just below the clavicle of the depression, while holding the neck with both hands. The rest of the principles of implementation are the same as in the classical form.

    • Attacks in the simulator Smith.

    For the element exhibiting the desired weight, stand under the neck, remove it from the racks. Set aside one leg back, lowered in its standard version, then straightened.

    Almost all of these leg exercises also load the muscles of the body. The exceptions are attacks on Smith, so it is recommended to use those who for any reason cannot much strain on the upper body.

    Typical mistakes at the gym

    Beginners sometimes neglect correct technique in the pursuit of scale, but most often it ends in injury or damage to the joints. To fitness classes brought only benefits, you must be aware of the following rules:

  • Of the foot exercise should be placed on one line, and to ensure that the limbs bent at right angles. It’s best to rehearse in front of a mirror without the apparatus.
  • The back should be kept straight, although the first time to do this will be difficult. Rod will exacerbate a stooped posture, so physical activity should be increased gradually, only after the muscles have adapted to the previous weight.
  • When climbing, the emphasis should fall on the heel. The upward movement is the impetus feet from the floor, try to bend the body to pull the body out of the squat, should not be — it may injure the spine.
  • Before each class, fitness definitely warming up. This increases the efficiency of the body and reduces the chance of injury.
  • Important role in the proper execution element is given the ability to keep your balance. To learn to get started with because the weight collapsing to the side with a barbell on the shoulders can result in serious injury.

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