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Spring and summer is the very time when it becomes warm outside, I want to take off the heavy and warm clothes that were boring for the winter and put on shorts and T-shirts. So how in summer clothes to feel comfortable and not try to hardly get into last year's swimsuit? Let us tell you how to get rid of several unnecessary kilograms that appeared during the cold winter in a couple of months. Also dispel a few myths about rapid weight loss. Enough to follow the 14 simple rules to feel confident on the beach.

We grow thin by the summer without harm for health, observing simple rules.

Rule number 1. Properly plan time

If you have gained 5 extra kilos over the winter, you should understand that you cannot get rid of them in a couple of days. Without harm to health, the body can lose about 1, maximum 2 kilograms per week. So, if 2 months is left before the holidays, then it's time to start thinking about how to start putting the body in order.

Rule number 2. Breakfast is the most important meal

Daily healthy breakfast reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity, helps the cardiovascular system to work properly and charges the body with energy. People neglecting breakfast are starting to snack. Snacks are usually not healthy food, which often leads to excess weight. If you do not want to eat, drink a glass of water and do your usual activities, and then have breakfast. An hour after waking up more likely to feel hunger. Most popular breakfast options:

Porridge, in any form.
Cottage cheese (casserole, cheesecakes).
Eggs (scrambled eggs, boiled, fried).

Rule number 3. What should be snack?

In the ideal case, the day should include 5 meals: 3 main and 2 snacks. If everything is easier with the main ones, then how can we have a snack so as not to get better? For second breakfast it is best to eat fresh or dried fruit, or nuts. For an afternoon snack cottage cheese, kefir or bread.

Rule number 4. Pay attention to lunch

The energy received from this meal should be enough for the rest of the day so that the dinner would be light enough. It is important to monitor the amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Ideally, lunch should consist of meat, cereals and vegetables. Particular attention should be paid to lunch at the institution and watch, for example, which sauce is used for salad, try to avoid complex dishes, because it is not known from the products of what quality it was cooked.

girl eats

Rule number 5. Light dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime

Do not count on fast weight loss, if you are accustomed to have a tight supper and go to bed. In this case, you will sleep, and the digestive system will not work, it cannot be useful for the body.

The last meal should be 3-4 hours before bedtime, and dinner cannot be the same as lunch.

Best of all: vegetable salad, cottage cheese, eggs, fish, i.e. protein products.

Rule number 6. Refusal of harmful products

Before you eat something, pay attention to the composition of the product. The presence of preservatives, vegetable fats and palm oil suggests that this product will not be useful for your body. It is necessary to abandon fatty meat, mayonnaise, any fast carbohydrates. Anyone, even the most favorite harmful product, can be found a substitute from the field of healthy food.

Rule number 7. Healthy sleep

Have you noticed that when a person has not slept, he is much angrier? With a lack of sleep, the level of cortisol rises, or simply the stress hormone, which negatively affects the body as a whole and causes appetite. Usually you want exactly sweet, fat, flour. All this leads to the fact that not enough sleep person consumes about 40% of calories per day more than you need. Therefore, lack of sleep directly affects your figure. Healthy sleep is 6-8 hours.

the girl is sleeping

Rule number 8. What is the difference: the feeling of hunger and appetite

Both of these feelings make us want to eat. Hunger – a condition of the body that signals the end of energy, it is the need to eat. Appetite is a craving for certain types of food; it is more emotional feelings than need. The more often catches the appetite, the greater the likelihood that you will overeat. When appetite helps to drink a glass and divert your attention from food to something else, to occupy yourself. When losing weight, it is very important not to confuse these two states.

Rule number 9. Do not skip meals

You are wrong if you think that if you eat less or do not eat at all and skip lunch, you will lose weight faster. This is how the body’s defensive reaction to energy is called up, and it starts to work differently and stores fat. After all, if you don’t eat it the next time, he will need to take strength from somewhere on life activity. Therefore, follow all meals and follow the rules described above.

man eats

Rule number 10. More fruits and vegetables

According to doctors, vegetables and fruits are essential products with lots of vitamins and minerals. But this does not mean that you can eat only them without restrictions. A day is enough to eat 5 different vegetables or fruits. Studies have shown that people who comply with this rule suffer from less cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and do not have difficulty in digestion.

Rule number 11. Replace harmful sweets with healthy ones.

All harmful sweets, in the composition of which sugar comes first, we try to replace sugar with more useful ones, for example, marshmallow, jelly. In this case, the simpler the composition, the better. Please note that the components must be natural.

Rule number 12. Do not forget about the water

For normal metabolism, you need to consume enough liquid. It is not necessary to drink 3 liters per day, you only need to calculate the volume using a light formula: 30 ml * your weight in kilograms. So you will know how much clean water is needed per day.

girl drinking from a bottle

Rule number 13. Actively spend your day

Not for nothing they say: "Movement is life." Every day we try to find 1 hour of sports time. It is not necessary that these were heavy physical exercises; at the initial stage, an hour’s walk at an average pace a couple of hours before bed is enough.

Rule number 14. Do not wait for quick results

Remember that the result depends only on you. And the more attention you pay to the listed rules, you play sports, adhere to proper nutrition, the more chances that you will see the desired result in the reflection in the mirror.


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