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Lose weight, look younger and not only: it is useful dietary Supplements as they are spoken

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Potashkin Yury
PhD in medical Sciences, endocrinologist of the medical center “Atlas”

“Supplements will help you lose weight”

It is fundamentally wrong to assume that that is to lose weight. Accordingly, if a person something extra to eat, it is unlikely that it can lead to weight reduction. Moreover, dietary Supplements are not in treatment algorithms for obesity, they are useless in case of serious problems associated with weight control.

Advice to readers: to be beautiful, you first need to engage in physical activity, and in the second place will have food. Should be regular aerobic exercise and cardio. Don’t need anything extra to eat in order to lose weight and stay healthy. If the tips in the slice of a healthy lifestyle relate to anything other than regular physical activity and attention to the diet, then it is cheating.

“Dietary supplements will speed the healing process and will help in the prevention of disease”

To speed up the healing process with nutritional Supplements, it is necessary that they have been tested, registered and had all the data for the appropriateness of their use in a specific clinical situation. Accordingly, when we add in the pathological system any substance, we must be absolutely sure that it will not harm the patient. In the case of Badami we can’t be sure, because they do not know their accurate composition and have no idea how they will behave in one way or another pathological situation. Those who claim otherwise are promoting dietary Supplements.

Regarding disease prevention, the best method is regular visits to the therapist, balanced diet, consumption of iodized salt is sodium chloride, regular exercise. Dietary supplements and multivitamins in the context of disease prevention useless.

“Dietary supplements slow down the aging process”

The natural aging process to slow down only the more serious drugs, such as hormone replacement therapy. Aging is a complex process which involves development including high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. To slow down the aging process, you must first give up bad habits, engage in regular physical activity, to optimize the power. Accordingly, to prolong youth taking dietary Supplements impossible, there must be a much deeper intervention.

“Dietary supplements normalize the balance of nutrients”

To break the balance of nutrients, you must eat, for example, only one potato. We eat so varied and continuously, which is very difficult to obtain from the diet of nutrients and create a deficiency in the. Indeed, iodine in food intake is often not enough, so it is better to eat iodized salt. Technically, dietary Supplements can be the same amount of iodine, like iodized salt, but to drink dietary Supplements further is pointless. They will not have any impact on the nutrient balance, which obviously is normal in our population.

“Dietary supplements Supplement diet, saturated in vitamins and trace elements”

There are norms of consumption of vitamins and nutrients, and there are clinical guidelines for prophylactic doses, and they are different figures. In dietary Supplements are used the rate of consumption, that is, the amount that should be ingested with food. In fact, taking additional Supplements, the person increases the intake of nutrients in 2 times, which makes no sense at all — any positive or negative change will not happen. In General, to maintain the body in a healthy condition diet should be diverse, but at the same time moderate. Therefore, dietary Supplements in the diet, is completely unnecessary.

“Supplements are absolutely safe and contain organic and natural components”

This is absolutely wrong, no one can for sure know what is in their composition. Unlike dietary Supplements, drugs pharmaceutical industry are subject to strict control of the composition and clinical studies, first in animals, then on healthy volunteers, then on patients. Of course, technology every year improved, maybe Supplements have become more qualitative. But are available as dietary Supplements-vitamins and Supplements for weight loss. If with supplements-vitamins is more or less clear, they may contain vitamins in compliance with food recommendations, with Badami, upon receipt of which decreased appetite, is not so clear. They either have a dubious effect, or a diuretic, or the effect of suppressing appetite. It is worth to remember about the do not end up well-known dietary Supplements, as well as the fate of many drugs, the effect of which was to reduce appetite. Their side effects were so negative (depression, suicide attempts, increased blood pressure) that they were banned. Because little researched dietary Supplements such effects cause a lot of issues, and taking them quite risqué.

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