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Lose weight in Hollywood: celebrity diets should take note

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Our selection of top 5 Hollywood celebrities, for whom the fight against obesity — the “eternal boy”. We learned, on what diets sit these “star” girls, and asked the Pro whether to take them as an example.

Mikhail Gavrilov
Psychotherapist, PhD, author of patented methods of correction of eating behavior and weight loss, a member of the Institute of functional medicine (IFM, USA)

Christina Aguilera

A couple of years ago Christina Aguilera really surprised fans (although now she again began to wear clothes plus size): after a long struggle with excess weight, the singer finally managed to lose weight. And not just to lose a few pounds, and to remove all the excess minus 38 pounds in 10 months! The secret is a special diet that allows you to take control insulin production. In the first phase of the diet Aguilera followed the so-called rule of three: lunch should consist of one third protein (eggs, lean meat, fish), and one third complex carbohydrates (non-starchy vegetables, pasta durum) and third fast carbs (rice, fruit). For Breakfast and dinner ratio is shifted to increase the amount of protein. In the second phase of the diet star, on the advice of his doctor, started taking drugs chromium regulates insulin production, and hooked up sport.

Nutritionist review: “on the one hand, increasing the amount of protein in the diet really well and nourishes, allowing you to reduce weight, being full. On the other hand, the abundance in the diet of protein leads to the acidification of the internal environment of the body. And if at first on this diet you lose weight, after some time, due to the reduction of metabolic processes the weight loss rate is significantly reduced. To avoid this, one portion of animal protein should have three servings of non-starchy vegetables. The number of products that contain simple sugars (including fruit) for weight loss need to tightly control — fast a carbohydrates should account for no more than 10% of the daily value of all carbohydrates. It is also important in the diet to use healthy fats — fish or vegetable category of omega-3 (fatty small sea fish, Flaxseed, walnuts) and monounsaturated fats (avocado, olive oil)”.


Adele managed to lose weight thanks to cartoonboy diet. Proteins-sirtuins as well rebuild the metabolic processes in such a way that a portion of glucose entering the body, is sent immediately to the muscles where are burned and. Important: simple sugars are utilized in motion or during muscle recovery after weight training, so no exercise sirtuins as well will not work in the right direction. Certainly the diet lasts for three weeks. In the first week (if calorie 1000 kcal) in the diet Adele was healthy and delicious foods that are rich in substances that stimulate the production of sirtuin: all leafy and green vegetables, citrus fruits, berries (blueberries, strawberries, blueberries), apples, soy, olives and olive oil, red onion, red wine and dark chocolate (85%). From the second week (daily caloric 1500 kcal) singer complements a menu of low-fat animal protein (fish and seafood and low-fat dairy products) and cereals (in favor Adele — beloved buckwheat).

Review nutritionist: “of Course, reducing the calorie content of your diet — you will lose weight. However, it is a mistake to think that the lack of calories, the body will immediately begin to break down fat stores. For the first week you will lose weight, mostly due to removal of excess liquid. Extra energy in the first few days you’ll get by breaking down glycogen, which is deposited in muscle tissue. It is easier and faster than to get it from fats. And only 4-5 days after starting the diet, begin to gradually melt the fat reserves. The main disadvantage of this system power — short duration. What to do after you 3 weeks “sit” on this diet, is unclear. The authors of certainway diet I suggest to use it “as needed” for health and weight correction”.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears, the weight of which “walks” in a wide range, now follows a strict diet. Daily caloric intake of the singer is about 1200 kcal. The basis of the diet — protein, non-starchy vegetables, whole grains. Britney was completely off sugar and restricted in the diet of fruit exclusively for a snack and in small amounts between meals.

Review dietitian: “Sugar is one of the few products which you should give up everything. Fructose is also a simple sugar. And 90% of this substance is deposited in body fat. Therefore fruit is not as harmless as many believe. To abandon them is not necessary. Just give preference to those fruits in which sugar is less. As for total calories, the diet Brittney it’s very low. 1200 kcal is not enough for those who lead an active lifestyle, playing sports. Such energy values may decrease the rate of metabolism, which can cause the return of excess weight as soon as you decide to increase the caloric content of their food”.

Kourtney Kardashian

At the end of last year, Kourtney Kardashian lost a lot of weight, getting rid of 10 extra pounds. How she did it? Here’s how: Courtney gave up dairy, excluded from the diet all sweets, white rice and bread from wheat flour. Its subscribers in Instagram she said that was slim including, and thanks to some teas for weight loss…

Review of the nutritionist: “the Body of an adult nor evolutionary, not genetically adapted to digest large amounts of dairy products. With age, the synthesis of enzymes that can cleave milk proteins decreases, resulting in one third of people after 21 years of developing food intolerance to whole milk and products based on it. It manifests itself in a variety of inflammatory processes and swelling that becomes the reason for the increase in the volume of fat cells and, as a consequence, weight gain. And runs all of the above protein casein. By the way, because of this, many women have expressed the cellulite. In fact, it is not that other, as the inflammation of the subcutaneous fat which becomes more pronounced if the body hold excess fluid. As for the tea for weight loss, in the best case it will be classified as diuretics and can contribute to the excretion of excess fluid from the body, nothing more. There is a downside: these teas can increase the burden on the kidneys. And most worryingly, diuretic drugs are often formed addictive”.

Jessica Simpson

After having children Jessica Simpson went from a modest size S in a steady L. the Singer failed to return to the old form, but last year, Jessica finally got a good result. The energy value of diet of the stars was 1800 kcal. It is based on fish, lean meat, vegetables and some fruit. However, any grains, except a little whole wheat bread “the holidays.” At a sufficiently ascetic Breakfast (a glass of green smoothie), lunch and dinner, and Jessica was quite full, and lunch and afternoon tea, star allowed herself to eat fruits or dairy products.

Review of the nutritionist: “Indeed, all those who lose weight, it is better to limit the consumption of carbohydrates. Because in the end they are cleaved in the body to glucose, contributing to insulin and inhibit fat burning. The caloric value of 1,800 kcal provided a variety of food you can smoothly and comfortably lose weight. The only thing is the Breakfast still needs to be more tightly. It is advisable to combine it proteins and healthy fats, and slow carbs. Moreover, this is the beginning of the day will provide you with energy and satiety for a long enough period”.

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