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Lose weight for the sake of sleep: 3 night stay due to high BMI

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Delay of breathing during sleep can happen at any weight, but those whose BMI is high, the risk is also increased. Sleep apnea — a condition in which a person stops breathing for 20-30 seconds. In severe cases, the breath may occur up to 60 times per hour. People do not know that suffer from this, but they have symptoms: frequent yawning, fatigue, dry mouth.

The hardest risk to those whose body mass index exceeded 30 (normally it is 18-25). Lots of fat people have more fat cells in the neck that may make breathing.

Sleep apnea can lead to the fact that the person is having a heart attack, the risk is five times higher than those who do not have apnea. Simply the body not getting enough oxygen.

Sleep apnea can be cured if you know about it. It is also useful to lose weight and stop Smoking.

Back pain

About 70% of adults who once suffered from back pain. With increasing weight, the problem is compounded.

Chronic pain, which lasts more than three months, affects the quality of life. People looking for a comfortable position for sleep, which loses 42 minutes per night. Solve the problem a firm mattress and a massage course.

Acid reflux

This happens when acid from the stomach enters the esophagus. One of the reasons that excess fat in the abdominal area. Muscle that separates the stomach and esophagus, becomes weaker, and the acid penetrates to where it is not necessary. This often happens at night and sleep quality is reduced.

The decision

All these problems are associated with excess weight, which means that the situation will improve with a decrease in BMI. No need to immediately go on a strict diet, start with changes in diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce the consumption of white bread and sweets — and the process will go as if by itself.

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