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“Listen to yourself”: the real story of Cosmo readers lose weight 30 kg

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Hello! My name is Victoria, I am 36 years old. My main problem for a long time was psychogenic (or compulsive) overeating is not anorexia, not bulimia, namely uncontrolled absorption of food in any quantity.

My growth — 165 see the Initial weight to weight loss — 90 kg At the moment (November 2017) I weigh 61 kg. I have bachelor and specialist in child psychology. Plan to pass courses of improvement professional skill for psychologists in eating disorders to help other people with the same problems as I had.

I have often stuck their problems. And not just jammed, and to such a state that he could not get up from the chair or bed. It seems to be a way to legitimate, but in fact it was a crime towards yourself, your body and health. But about all under the order.

I attended seminars one of the centres for patients with eating disorders and, admittedly, disappointed. Someone may have helped, I don’t. I also went to the nutritionists — it was all in vain. And will power in my case was not as important as understanding and accepting yourself.

Once I even wanted to join in the organization “overeaters Anonymous”, but decided not to. And planned to make the reduction of the stomach surgically, but I dissuaded people affected by this operation. The reduction of the stomach is not a deliverance of reason. All the reasons in the head.

Of course, I lost weight. But with varying degrees of success: lose weight and again fat, lose weight and fat. I think this situation is familiar to many. Now I realize that my main problem was excessive pressure. Yes, I started with enthusiasm to go to the gym, dramatically reduced the calorie content of your diet, but it only entered the body in stress, and the effect was fleeting.

The tips from the series: “mad at myself”, “hate your fat and weight”, “pull yourself together and lose weight” — once more making me feel guilty. Had a vicious circle: guilt, overeating, enslavement of your body on a chemical level (sugar, salt, and various harmful additives). Then again there came the guilt again, overeating, self-flagellation and so on.

As a result, by 2013, I was weighing 90 kg And the four years I lived in a very “uncomfortable” for the life of the body. Carry an extra 30 kg is a dubious pleasure. I must admit that people suffering from overeating, are not always adequately perceive their shape. Looking at your old pictures, I see that was actually much bigger than I thought.

And another important point. I initially had the wrong setting. I felt with every fiber of body and soul that losing weight is very hard as to move mountains. And actually everything was pretty easy. Now I will share a very personal experience. Apparently, I was supposed to go to you about it to tell.

People with overeating, you need to do the internal work and discipline myself, but not in army strictly and very respectful and soft. A year ago, I slowly began to change their routine. I started to eat 4 times a day every 3 hours, drink plain non-carbonated water introduced into the diet of healthy vegetables such as avocado, celery, greens and others. I realized that the most important thing is to be well-fed throughout the day.

Do not sit on a strict diet! This is very important. Sooner or later you lose and gain weight twice as much. In fact, I eat everything but in moderation: bread, pasta, and potatoes. Breakfast: muesli, porridge, glazed cheese or yogurt, but from food debris I refused: no junk food, mayonnaise, sausages and hot dogs. That is, I removed one of the links of the vicious circle at the chemical level, reducing the intake of sugar and salt.

I also abandoned the beloved marshmallow Peeps. Compulsive pereedem it is important to understand what products they have rampant failures, and beware of them. For example, you will see drying and mindlessly grab her, then another and off we go. And if you had a serious stress, can be eaten an entire bag of crackers, and then in turn go and cookies, and cake, and everything else that is in the refrigerator. Keep away from eyes all the sweets and unhealthy not to eat in front of the TV or computer.

Key recommendations:

  • eat every 3 hours (give or take an hour). Let the last meal does not go beyond seven or eight o’clock in the evening. But if you have eaten at nine — don’t beat yourself up, the main thing is to control what;
  • if meal times coincide with a trip or a trip outside, and the fruit. Sometimes I carry trays of pre-prepared food;
  • definitely give yourself a “day of disobedience” once a month. In his well-deserved “CITEL” you can eat what you love the most. Psychologically this will help your body. Paradox: next day weight can even be reduced;
  • drink about 2 liters of water a day. Its consumption depends on your original weight, so on this issue it is better to consult a specialist. 1 liter of water to drink with lemon or lime (the most in the first half of the day). Water really helps! It should drink 30 minutes before eating or one hour after a meal. The water should be room temperature or warm;
  • do not forget about moderate exercise. Start with three times a week. After a while you will begin to get pleasure from the activity and will feel your rhythm. Fit all different physical activity: running, yoga, dancing — it can be anything. Personally, I love walking at a moderate pace in the fresh air for 30 minutes;
  • track weight. I weigh myself on an empty stomach every morning, to know whether the direction I’m moving. Don’t forget: when losing weight, maybe a little “jumping”, then increasing, then decreasing. Also there will be a period of stagnation, after which arrow will indicate plumb. For women it is important to remember the fact that the balance can be affected by the cyclical nature of processes in our body;
  • be sure to find a motivation. And then you will become motivation for myself and for others. I, for example, charge successful stories weight loss for nutrition-themed books that focus on the development of human spirituality. And the main motivation is my son.

The main thing that I would like to say: please, listen to yourself. Your body is very responsive, it wants to be healthy, and it will not disappoint. Just help him. Your wall of excess weight is a damper from the world. It only reflects what’s going on in my soul. Postroynet, you will gain energy and ease. Not only physical but internal. It is important to remember that adhering to these steps all his life. That’s when you can be sure that harmony is forever. Health to you!

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