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List of the best exercises for the back and spine at home

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How to pump up the back and strengthen the spine at home? What to replace sports equipment? What exercises are best for back training? The answers to these questions, read on.


The back is the largest muscle group that protect and support the spine. Her training requires great effort and involves working with free weights. But there are exercises for the back and spine, using which you can successfully do at home.

Exercises with equipment

With the availability of funds to purchase sports equipment that will help train all of the body. For back training you will need:

  • dumbbells;
  • wall-mounted horizontal bar or wall bars;
  • bench hyperextension.

The training program inventory includes:

  • Deadlift with dumbbells. Strengthens the muscles of the extensors of the back, further shaking the buttocks and hips biceps.
  • Pullups on the bar in any grip for the study of the widest. Additionally, we employ the trapezius muscles and helps to pump up the biceps. Included in any set of exercises for the back.
  • Alternate thrust dumbbells in the slope. Shakes the widest and trapezius muscles of the back. Additionally involves the biceps and Delta.
  • Breeding of dumbbells in the slope. Trains trapezoid, the widest and the deltoid muscle. Partially load the triceps.
  • The extension of the back in hyperextension. One of the most effective bodyweight exercises to pump the muscles of the extensors.
    It is recommended as an alternative to deadlift with the back injuries and problems with the spine.
    Additionally, considering the buttocks and hamstrings.
  • These exercises will help to pump all the muscle divisions, forming a slender and athletic figure.

    If there is no sports equipment

    In the absence of money to buy dumbbells and other sports equipment, the problem can be solved in the following ways:

  • To train on the street. Today to find a Playground in the yard is no problem. Pull-UPS on the bar enough to pump the upper back.
  • Use bottle or bottles for water. Two baklaga, filled with any liquid, sand or other material with high density, can replace dumbbells when performing a deadlift, raising the hands to the sides and successive rises in an inclined position.
  • Hook a strong rope over a door or steel dowels mounted in the wall, and pull so that both ends were in his hands. To plant the feet to the junction of the floor and deflected back. To perform the upgrade of upper body maximum pulling the rope to himself, after which straighten the arms, taking the original position. The described technique is no less effective than exercises for the muscles of the back, running on the treadmill.
  • Bodyweight exercises

    To strengthen your back, and using its own weight. This will help the following exercises:

  • “Superman” for study of muscles of extensors of back. To run you need to lie down on his stomach on the floor, straighten the legs and arms pull in front of him. Arch your back by lifting all the limbs up to the only foothold left to the stomach. Then you need to fix the body in this position for a few seconds and then return to its original state.
  • Push-UPS in the posture of the triangle. Take a standard position in the support position. Straighten the pelvis above the other so that bending of the body formed a right angle. Do the maximum number of push-UPS without a break. This technique exercises to strengthen the back coached the widest and trapezius muscles, is additionally shaking shoulders.
  • Reversible wiring for workout rhomboids, trapezius and deltoid departments. You need to lie on your stomach, straighten your legs and arms dissolve in the hand. Raise them above the floor, connecting the blades, hold this position for a few seconds and return to its original state.
  • The benefits of these actions, there is a minimum risk of injury due to its own weight. But these exercises to strengthen back muscles will not provide the surround musculature, but only gain strength.

    Useful tips

    To avoid injury, premature fatigue and ensure high performance:

    • before power loads will perform 10-minute warm-up;
    • the training begins with simple exercises, gradually progressing to the complex;
    • gradually increase the weight in the working approaches;
    • observe the technique of performance of exercises;
    • do not train the back more than 2 times per week;
    • pay attention to your breathing.

    Exercise back at the gym give a greater effect than at home. But with the right approach, exercising at home, you can also get relief and massive muscles.

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