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Like a nut: 5 exercises with elastic bands for elastic buttocks and strong hands

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Anton Cap, expert of the Federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit: “Body bands or fitness bands are small rings of soft latex. They have different stiffness, which allows to exercise with different resistance, and therefore the load on the muscle varies. There is equipment for a long time — about 15-20 years ago, but if the earlier exercises with the rubber bands included in the program avid fans of exercise, but now thanks to advertising on social networks about their effectiveness telling all and Sundry! And no wonder, since fitness bands suitable for everyone allow you to train anywhere, come to help in the development of different muscle groups and still fit in your pocket! Because the body bands are the only tool that can improve and make more effective a particular exercise, the training program is developed depending on your goals.

Using the fitness band, we give additional load on the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, feet, arms, back and even use a press!

Despite the fact that a fitness band is often used in basic exercises, do not neglect the technique. As you know, make a fool to pray, he hurt his forehead. Here is the same story. Improper pace and intensity you risk to cause irreparable harm. I advise you to pay attention to sensations.

If you want to work out the buttocks and during exercises work the quadriceps, urgently change technique! Same situation with Missoni back. If, instead of the graceful posture and slender body you don’t want to get a headache and strained muscles, watch your feelings carefully and try the trainer.

The main advantage of using fitness bands — improving the efficiency of the exercises. This happens due to the inclusion of additional muscles as stabilizers and synergists. When you create an external resistance (which are just body bands) the complexity of the exercise increases and the work included a greater number of muscle groups. Consequently, calorie consumption increases. Below are the top 5 exercises with a fitness band that will help to pump you not only the glutes, but also feet and also hands.”

Steps towards

Fitness elastic band must be in a low voltage on the legs just below the knee. Starting position — standing, feet shoulder width of the pelvis. From this position, need to do 2-3 steps first one way, then the other. The task is to keep the movement in your belly as much as possible to focus on stretching through the crown and movement from the hip joint. Repeat 45 to 60 seconds, depending on intensity and physical condition.

Leg lifts

Fitness elastic band needs to be in the region of the knee. Starting position — feet wider than shoulders, the position of the squat. One knee is necessary to stretch in the direction of the Central axis, and then bring the leg back. Do 15-20 reps on each leg.


Fitness elastic band must remain in the same place. Starting position — feet slightly wider pelvis. Due to the fact that the gum suppresses resistance to the hips is a big burden. It is important to monitor the position of the knees, as the elastic band presses on them and they tend to the center. The task is to keep them stationary, actively including the buttocks. Depending on the purpose you can pick up the additional weight of the weighting (dumbbells, barbell, kettlebell or just your own body weight). The intensity and number of repetitions of sit-UPS is selected based on the level of training.

Thrust in the slope with one hand

Starting position — the “splitting” (one leg in front, second rear). One foot has to step on the gum, opposite arm and wrap it around the equipment and in the provision of polyvyana to make traction in the slope with one hand.

Stretching elastic bands

Gum positioning the hands near the wrists. Starting position — standing, arms stretched in front of him. They must keep absolutely straight, palms send up. From this position, gently try to take hand in hand, as if tearing the rubber. The amplitude should be small. It is important to follow the technique: the muscles of the upper back (neck and trapezoid) should not be included in the work.

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