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Lightweight Derek Lansford scored over 113 kg

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Of course, many bodybuilders tend to build muscle. But if the condition for success is that you fit into the weight limit established by the category, then too many muscles can be a problem. In this situation, there is currently twice vice-champion of the show Mr. Olympia 212 Derek Lunsford (Derek Lunsford). Now the display on an athlete’s weight scale of about 168 cm shows more than 113 kg, which is about 17 kg more than the weight limit for its category up to 212 pounds. And therefore, despite the fact that there is still as much as twenty-three weeks before the expected appearance on the stage in Las Vegas, Derek is trying to reduce weight, and not vice versa, as can be seen in the video of his training below. What form Lansford is in his current weight can be seen in the following photos.
Derek Lansford 212

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May not always look pretty, but believe me .. it’s working 👊💪 When I first started training all I would use was free weights. Very rarely did I ever use machines. Then I discovered gyms that had machines only and I thought to myself “perfect” now I can focus and isolate the muscles I’m training better. 👌 So I got away from a lot of basic exercises like this one in the video that I knew had helped lay the groundwork for my body. Why did I do that? I wanted something new. A better way to train. And was I wrong? No. Not completely. There’s a lot that I have learned each and every year about myself, training, food, etc. And I also believe without question there’s a place for machines, free weights, etc. in training and not one method is superior than another (ALL THE TIME). I’m a firm believer that you have to change your strategy of training and lift some serious weight even if it may not look the prettiest every single time. I’m not saying be crazy. I’m saying do the things that are harder. We cannot keep looking for an easier way out (sometimes hidden in the word “smarter” or “more methodical” approach). Yes I’m at fault. I put myself on blast for searching for that “smarter” approach. Instead of searching for easier, how about embrace the hard stuff. I believe in being smart, I believe in working hard and I believe you can accomplish what you want if you put your mind and body to work. So I’m not bashing training that is thought out and what looks good on paper. Writing down and thinking through your training ahead of time is great and I do believe that’s necessary to become better. But sometimes / some days you have to just lift weights. Go off the playbook and get lost in your training. Just move some weight! After all, that’s why we fell in love with training right? The one with the passion to work harder, to be more disciplined and to strengthen the mind will overcome all challenges. The one who searches for something easy will always be a let down. Enough listening to others. Enough worrying about what others think. Set the standard. Be the standard. #newera #bodybuilding #dereklunsford #animalpak #legday

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Apr 4, 2020 @ 7:43 am PDT
Competitive career of Derek Lunsford (Derek Lunsford).


Mr. Olympia
Bodybuilding: IFBB 212 (2nd)


Mr. Olympia
Bodybuilding: IFBB 212 (2nd)


Mr. Olympia
Bodybuilding: IFBB 212 (5th)

IFBB Tampa Pro
Bodybuilding: IFBB 212 Men (1st)


NPC USA Championships
Bodybuilding: Middleweight (2nd)

NPC Jr. Nationals
Bodybuilding: Overall

NPC Jr. Nationals
Bodybuilding: Middleweight (1st)


NPC Jr. Nationals
Bodybuilding: Welterweight (1st). (TagsToTranslate) Derek Lansford (t) Derek Lunsford (t) 212

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