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Lifting legs in vis. Options and secrets exercises

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In addition to twisting there is a huge selection of exercises to train your abdominal muscles. Sit-UPS easy for beginners, but there comes a time when they are little, and to continue to progress, you need to go to a higher level.

And then it’s time for beautiful cubes by using leg lifts in a vise. In the gym, you most likely have the crossbar (horizontal bar) or a bike with a backrest and armrests that abut elbows. Easier to begin doing leg lifts in a special simulator. We will understand how to swing a press in visa – from simple to complex, with all the nuances and subtleties.

What are the muscles involved in the work?

Exercise has several levels of difficulty but even the easiest requires General physical training. In the static mode engages the muscles of the upper torso, while the legs press and do the main dynamic work. Strong grip, force of muscles of arms and back need to hold the body in one position in the visy and leg lifts on the bar.

Working muscle groups

As you already know but the press is part of the load will fall on the feet. But don’t worry, your legs are quite heavy, and to lift, the abdominal muscles will have to step it up. Besides, if over time this exercise will become easy for you, you can always add weights.

When lifting the legs in the process also included one of the deepest muscles of the body — iliac-lumbar. Its function is flexion of the hip. Of the muscles of the legs work:

  • one of the heads of the quadriceps — rectus femoris;
  • muscle flexing the thigh and help in stabilizing and tailoring, comb, adductor muscles.

The movement involved the tensor of the broad fascia of the thigh, which in this exercise connects to other muscles in flexing the thigh. In addition to the rectus abdominis the exercise will involve the oblique muscles. When lifting the feet from the position of visa first does work the hip flexors, which are located deep. They can be connected straight muscle of the thigh. To put my feet up, come to the aid of the direct and oblique abdominal muscles. Together they create a so-called core muscles.

Classically, flexion of leg raises performed to the point of 90 degrees, but the amplitude can be increased, controlled, throwing up a pelvis, thereby more reducing the abdominal muscles.

Why UPS leg raises – one of the most effective exercises for the press:

  • plenty of accessory muscles;
  • helps to strengthen the core muscles involved in the formation of correct posture;
  • muscular corset becomes more dense;
  • the spine under gravity of his own body stretched;
  • no risk of damaging your lower back;
  • it can be used by people with pain, back problems;
  • there is a relatively easy and challenging options that will suit athletes of different levels.

How to do this exercise? Technique

Accept original position. Then you can perform differently.

  • A lightweight version, in a special simulator (leg focus): rested back into the soft back of the station, the hands hold the handles, fix the hull. Remove the legs from the stand, straighten them, lightly tap ago. So greater will be the amplitude of the exercise.
  • Harder on the bar: straight grip, hands shoulder-width apart, allowed to make the grip wider. Legs slightly bent at the knees. This allows more reduced abdominal muscles on and off as much as possible the muscles of the legs.
  • Begin the movement. Raise legs to an angle of 90 degrees, at the top hold for a second. Do exhale with maximum effort, even stronger reducing abdominal muscles. Omitting the legs, inhale, raising legs, exhaled.

    Usluzni your task, if you have enough power: raise your slightly bent legs and pelvis above 90 degrees. There is also the option, when the feet reach the crossbar (horizontal bar). To stabilize the body and does not wobble, lowering his feet, get a basin more ago.

    More options

    • knees bent legs (can be run on any projectile — rails with the back, the horizontal bar, a wall);
    • on the Swedish side;
    • with special sleeves or rubber bands;
    • with the weighting (dumbbells or a pancake between your legs).

    Important nuances of the exercise

    It is no secret that the purity of the exercise directly affects the result. Look at what you need and absolutely not worth it to do leg lifts in a vise.

  • Do not allow rocking. Work must be performed by muscles, not by force of inertia.
  • A short delay at the end of the effort contributes to additional tension. Linger at the top once or twice.
  • Allowed to use wrist straps if grip is not strong enough.
  • Start with simple options at the wall or lifting with bent knees feet. Easily being able to do 10-15 repetitions, move on to the horizontal bar.
  • Don’t need to do insane amount of reps. 10-15 repetitions in three or four different approaches enough.
  • How to load press to failure?

    When the legs just start the movement, press almost not involved, his work begins, if the leg is raised more than 45 degrees. Accordingly, the higher the raise the legs, the stronger will be the impact on the press. With the help of inertia can be above the pelvis, but to sway it should, the case should retain its original position. At first, the helper can control your movement, not allowing to deviate much ago.

    Straight leg on the entire trajectory of pull of the load on themselves, besides, they fail to raise above parallel with the floor, so lifting your leg slightly bend their knees.

    The deviation of the foot in the initial position slightly above the back helps to throw the pelvis.
    You can make the cubes, performing lifts in Wies?

    Abdominal is aimed at strengthening and growth of muscles in the abdominal area. The fat is dissolved from 200 or 500 repetitions of the same exercise. This is facilitated by comprehensive measures: training all muscle groups, cardio and a balanced diet. The press will be visible with a low body fat percentage: the girls at 15-17%, men — at 10-12%.

    Changing diet, get rid of fat. Download press, to to that moment had something to show.

    Which exercise best activates the lower part of the press?

    As a result of research, US researchers from the Institute of physiology concluded that the best exercise that activates the lower abs is leg lifts in a vise.

    They measured EMG activity of core muscles in different exercises. In the top were: exercise with roller press, lifts his knees to his chest.

    Lowest efficiency was observed in crunches on the floor.

    The exercise described in the article, often used in sets of 2-3 different twists. The load was uniform, we recommend you add to your workout one exercise with emphasis on the upper part of the press and another for obliques.

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