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Lifting dumbbells with supination – perfect exercise for the biceps

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For the development of muscles of hands use this exercise as lifting dumbbells with rotation of the brush or supination is when the brush takes place outside. Let us have a look at the techniques and characteristics of this movement.

Features and what muscles work

Lifting dumbbells with supination suitable for women and men. This is a classic exercise in when lifting the projectile to the brush deployed palm to the shoulders.

When using small scales for girls, exercise helps to improve the shape of the hand and maintains the muscles in shape.

When running traffic works the front shoulder area.

Involves the following muscles:

  • Biceps. Also called the target muscles. Exercise increases strength and size of the biceps muscle.
  • Brachialis. Also called the shoulder muscle fibers. Under the biceps. Contribute to the flexion of the arm at the elbow. Under load brachialis biceps muscle is squeezed out to the surface. When working these two muscles are visually pumping hands.
  • The brachioradialis muscle, plus the round pronator. Located on the outer sides of the forearms. Front of the Delta are the stabilizers.

Exercise suitable for beginners and professional athletes. The number of sets and reps, the weight depend on the physical form of man.

Technique and recommendations

Technique above all else:

  • Feet become on the width of the shoulder girdle. Hands down with shells along the trunk. Brush unfold to the body and elbows slightly bent. Unbend your elbows at 100% because when using a large weight may be injured. Also, when straightening your elbows, muscles tense all the time, so the effect will be better.
  • The position of the elbow is fixed, pressed to the body, press tense.
  • Hand bent in the elbow joints. Brush gradually unfold from itself, but only when the forearms are in the same parallel with the floor. This is called supination.
  • The shells rise to the level of the shoulders. Brush not touching the shoulder joint to reduce the load. At the endpoint, between the arms and shoulders should be a distance.
  • You should stay in that position for a few seconds. Now you can slowly return to the initial position.

If you are performing use a higher weight or is there asymmetry of the hands, will modify the exercise and do the alternate bending of the hands with shells.

During a workout you must consider the following important recommendations:

  • Sudden jerks or force of inertia is not acceptable. In the case when the last sets are too difficult for you, you need to reduce weight or to reduce the number of approaches.
  • Should not wobble, and not allowed to pull the elbows from the body.
  • When the shells lift, the brushes do not turn until, while between the hand and the shoulder is formed a 90 degree angle. Otherwise there will be injury.


Alternative to the classical lifting dumbbells with supination:

  • The bending of the arms sitting on the bench.
  • The rise of shells standing.
  • Sitting on an inclined bench.

You sit, lie or stand, the technique does not change. Separately it is necessary to pay attention to the rise of shells, with emphasis in the thigh, and also on the bench with a slope of 45 degrees.

Lifting dumbbells with an emphasis in the thigh

It is possible to choose large weight, as there is good fixation of the elbow joint. To perform a variation of exercises as follows:

  • Should sit on the bench, spread legs a bit more. The main focus in the floor.
  • The projectile is taken in the hand, the body slightly tilted forward. Back at this level, the elbows rest against the inner thigh area. The initial point of the elbow joint slightly bent. Second hand is the hand on the thigh or on the knee of the second leg.
  • The projectile rises to shoulder. Should be fixed in this position for a few seconds. Then return to the starting point. The spine and the brush does not bend.
  • Perform a certain number of sets and repetitions. Then proceed to execution on the 2nd hand.

On incline bench in the supine position

The main advantage of such variations in the initial point we need the muscle stretched. Technique:

  • The backrest of the bench set at a 45-degree angle. Taken into the hands of our motors. The person sits down. Hands hang freely at opposite sides of the body. With the palms facing the body, elbows slightly bent. Locking the elbow part in the supine position is more difficult, due to the fact that there is no emphasis. Therefore tense muscles.
  • Dumbbells slowly rise. Formed when a straight angle is supination of the hand.
  • In the end position of the wrist going back.
  • You then return to the starting point.

For maximum capacity volume of the biceps muscle, it is possible to combine the rise with supination with the lifting of a weight reverse grip. Shell here gives the brush to move, therefore, involves less muscle. It is possible to take a large weight to the tension on the muscle the maximum.

Beginners and women should start with small loads. It is better to use the average weight. When the technique, it is possible to increase the load. It will be enough three or four sets of 8-12 repetitions.

For better circulation of blood in the muscles, perform a stretch the biceps after each set. For weight loss you should take a small weight and average pace run. The number of repetitions increases.

Errors and contraindications

When you run, you should avoid these mistakes:

  • The case too is rocking.
  • Creases in the hands.
  • Non-fixed elbow joint.
  • Rise to great heights.
  • Coin the turn of a brush.

Allocate contraindications:

  • If damaged ligaments, tendons or joint of elbow, exercise is best not to perform. It will bring pain and discomfort in the muscles.
  • During a full recovery, you can include exercise classes. The main thing is not to choose a large load.
  • Should not be performed for injuries of the wrist. It is better to replace the static position of the brush.

If we consider the mistakes and contradictions, adhere to proper technique – injury is not.

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